Alex Jones, InfoWars, Banned from Facebook, Apple, & YouTube All in Same Day

Apple, Facebook, Youtube, and Spotify have recently banned The Alex Jones Show based on reports that Jones promotes hate speech. Controversies such as the claim that the Sandy Hook shooting was a false flag operation have led to defamation lawsuits being filed from families. The Pizzagate conspiracy regarding a potential child trafficking operation in a pizzeria is another incident that Jones has apologized for. Many are even skeptical of the supplements InfoWars sells on their site.

As of Monday, Apple has “removed five out of six podcasts, which includes Jones’ infamous “The Alex Jones Show” as well as a number of other InfoWars audio streams,” while Facebook and Google “made similar decisions later on Monday. Facebook removed four pages controlled by him, while Google removed the official “Alex Jones Channel” on its platform.” Youtube, who previously banned the InfoWars channel, has now deleted Alex Jones’s personal channel.

“Private companies should be able to censor who they dislike” is a common phrase you hear from the left, who will momentarily embrace the principles of voluntary association in an attempt to use our argument against us. It’s also no surprise that they constantly miss the point.

A free market is made up of producers and consumers who each perform different roles in the economy. The producer attempts to provide goods and services of the highest quality for the lowest price, while the consumer votes in the market with their dollars. To paraphrase the great Walter E. Williams, dollars should be viewed as “certificates of performance,” and when we spend our dollars we play an active role in deciding who thrives on the market and who will eventually go bankrupt.

The corollary here is that consumers of media content vote with their viewership so long as the access to said content isn’t restricted.

Nevertheless, many are aware of the constant censorship against conservative/libertarian thinkers, and this fact alone is telling: “Twelve of the 25 U.S. members of Twitter’s Trust and Safety Council – which helps guide its policies – are liberal, and only one is conservative.”

The ultimate problem is that leftists contradict themselves by embracing tolerance for others, while at the same time they want to shut down the opinions of those who they find to be intolerant. Is tolerance then not applicable to people they disagree with? Many on the right aren’t too fond of Alex Jones either, but that doesn’t detract from the fact that channels like The Young Turks, who were recently sued by an ex-employee for racial discrimination, still exist despite their perversions of the truth on a daily basis.

Now might be the time to seriously consider switching platforms, especially if you are a producer of content. Sites such as Steemit and D.Tube are committed to promoting free speech and decentralization, while most other major sites are being used to promote an obvious agenda.