They’re Taking the Guns: 450 Floridians Ordered to Disarm Themselves

The Risk Protection Act, signed into law by Governor Rick Scott in March, is an abomination to the 2nd Amendment for the citizens of Florida. The first line of the bill (also known as a red flag law), which you can read here, prohibits:

“the sale of a firearm to, and the purchase of a firearm by, a person who is not covered by appropriate liability insurance coverage.”

What is “appropriate liability insurance” you might ask? It requires that the insurance must be “specifically for losses resulting from use of the firearm while it is owned by the purchaser” and that the insurance must be “issued by an insurer licensed or authorized to provide the coverage by the State insurance regulatory authority for the State in which the purchaser resides.”

The bill ends by noting that they will charge the sellers of firearms in these cases up to $10,000 in fines.

The key theme here is that 1.) you are forced to buy insurance that you will probably never use (yet the money you pay in is gone forever) and 2.) that the State will decide what insurance companies will be “protecting” you. In short, you must pay the State in order to access your constitutionally granted right to own a firearm; it is a right that “shall not be infringed,” yet it’s being infringed upon at this very moment.

In Florida, this nightmare has become a reality. Reports are saying that over 450 people in the state have been ordered to hand over their firearms, for reasons unknown to the public at this point. Still, they are making progress. A sergeant of the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office said in an ABC interview that they’ve seized “about 200 firearms and around 30,000 rounds of ammunition.”

Kyle Kashuv, a supposed gun proponent, is in favor of these red flag laws as he noted in one tweet.

For someone that argues that gun control doesn’t work, it’s suspicious why he is in favor of legislation that is literally stripping citizens of their right to bear arms, and preventing others who don’t have the money to pay the ridiculous state fees from doing the same.

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