Space Force is a Stupid Idea and Waste of Money

On June 18th, Trump ordered the formation of a sixth branch of the US Military: the US Space Force. Although the executive order does not give the directive for the formal creation of the Space Force, the president made it clear that he wishes to consolidate US Space operations under a new branch of the military. This idea, however, is only begging for international conflict and furthers American empire building. Adding another branch of an already bloated military will only harm liberty in the US and could bankrupt us.

Taxpayers Cannot Afford a “Space Force”

The United States is $21 trillion in debt. As of now, the US will run a deficit exceding $1 trillion in the 2018 fiscal year alone. As the government throws the tax payers deeper into debt, the government will be further pressured to steal even more from productive Americans.

Currently, the US is occupying dozens of nations, funnelling billions into maintaining an empire the people does not support, putting our future generations into debt that they will not be able to pay back. This new program will be funded by stolen tax dollars in order to pursue an empire that will only make the government bigger.

The government is also way too big as is. The public sector is crowding out the private sector more and more. Conservatives campaign like libertarians, calling for reductions in the size of the government. But the moment they take office, they immediately promote bigger and more intrusive government. If Trump actually valued making the government smaller, he would abandon this pipe dream and scale back US military operations around the world. In addition, he would pursue a foreign policy of noninterventionism.

The Space Force Would Only Embolden the War Mongers

By initiating this program, Trump is making it clear to the neoconservatives that he supports invading countries for domination, not defense. The Space Force would only make America less safe. This branch of the military would make it clear that the citizens of the United States are inherently subservient and make for good tax cattle. The people must reject this idiotic system of domination. If we truly cared about our soldiers, we would bring them home rather than take them to space. Instead of spending trillions on pursuing empire in space, the US should pursue humility and lead by example.

Empires die when they overextend. Regardless of how strong America may be, it cannot be the world’s police force. To globalize government is to rip people from local sovereignty. The Space Force would only make this preexisting problem far worse. War Mongers would weaponize the Space Force and use it to turn all localities into puppets of US interests. We, as “free Americans,” cannot tolerate this when our foreign entanglements are already far too large.

Get the Government Out of Space

The fact that the government will take a more active role in space will only crowd out the private sector, therefore stunting growth. When the government takes control, they don’t look to benefit their people, they look to extend their territorial influence. When the private sector takes control, they look to the needs of consumers, whereas consumers have the opportunity to disassociate from malevolent businesses.

Rather than allow the government to use space as a weapon of war, we should privatize space, encourage more private firms to seek innovation beyond Earth, thus propelling society into the future. Privatize space. If we do not, the government will take over, making us less safe and less free. Under current government-run technology, the State has the ability to monitor your every move. Do you really want the government to hold a monopoly on humanity’s next frontier? In the last century alone, government has killed more than 200 million people in acts of democide. Imagine the damage they could do if they had control beyond Earth.

In other words, we can’t afford a Space Force, and we most certainly don’t need a Space Force. Such an entity can only be used to create more war and to expand tyranny throughout the US empire. If you support the Space Force, you cannot reasonably claim to support smaller government. It is time for the people of America to stand up to the authoritarian psychopaths that occupy the federal government of the US.