Kaitlin Bennett Challenges David Hogg to an Arm Wrestle to Decide Fate of 2nd Amendment

There have been many great battles for liberty over the course of American history. The US vs the British in 1776, again in 1812, and today, Kaitlin Bennett vs. David Hogg.

Liberty Hangout’s Grassroots Director and gun rights icon Kaitlin Bennett took to Twitter this morning to propose a challenge for the ages. Bennett believes the fate of the 2nd amendment should be decided in an arm wrestle between her and David Hogg.
Bennett says that if she wins, the 2nd amendment is here to stay. But if Hogg wins, we will all turn in our guns.
But rest assured, Bennett and the Liberty Hangout team are confident the 2nd amendment is safe.
Bennett has yet to hear back from Hogg about her challenge. It is safe to assume he is not confident about his odds.