In Wake of Kent State Grad Photos, Ohio State Approves Campus Carry for Off-Duty Officers

Images: Liberty Hangout

Last month, Liberty Hangout’s Kaitlin Bennett became the center of the universe after she took her college graduation photos at Kent State University with an AR-10 rifle to protest the school’s prohibition on campus carry. Bennett’s photos seen around the world sparked a dialogue about the 2nd amendment on college campuses, as she posted the photo to social media using the hashtag #CampusCarryNow.

For those unfamiliar, Kent State University is the home of an infamous mass shooting in 1970, when the Ohio National Guard shot and killed 4 unarmed students during an anti-war protest on campus. Bennett wages that the massacre would not have happened had students been able to arm themselves on campus, as the 2nd amendment was ratified so American citizens would have the right to stand up to a tyrannical government.

Yesterday, Ohio State University announced that their board of trustees approved concealed carry on campus for off-duty officers. According to, “These would be full-time officers who are within their jurisdiction, and would include employees with the The Ohio State University Police Division, the City of Columbus Division of Police, Franklin County Sheriff’s Office or the Ohio State Highway Patrol.”

While the end goal of Ms. Bennett’s activism is to allow students to conceal carry on campus, the university’s decision is undoubtedly a positive step forward. Not knowing who on campus is an off-duty officer conceal carrying may very well deter future crimes. Two years ago, a student at the university used a car and knife to injure 22 on campus.

Liberty Hangout reached out to Ohio State University to ask what prompted the school to approve campus carry for off-duty officers, and if Ms. Bennett’s viral photos played any role in influencing their decision. We will update the story as soon as we hear back.

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