BREAKING: School Shooting Reported in Gun Controlled California

Another shooting has taken place in the United States, this time in California. Highland High School, located in Palmdale, saw one student injured and another in custody. Reports show that the student ditched the rifle a ways away from the school and fled about a mile before being captured. The injured student took himself to the hospital. This all occurred just before the school day was about to begin.

Gun free zones present many challenges to those who are in them when it comes to safety. Students say they they had to hide and barricade themselves in classrooms in hopes of not becoming victims. While defense tactics that do not include a gun are still crucial to lives being saved, shooting after shooting proves it is not enough anymore. Instead of securing our most precious assets, children, with firearms, we tell them to huddle in a corner and hope for the best.

Situations like these can only be ended when a good guy with a gun, whether it is a police officer or armed citizen, comes to end it. If it just saved one life, we should all be willing to let our kids be protected by an equal force to the threat that faces them.

This is the second highly publicized shooting to occur in a territory that is heavily anti-gun in less than 24 hours. Last night, Australia saw its deadliest mass shooting in 22 years when a gunman killed seven.