Kaitlin Bennett’s Graduation Photos Teach Us the Importance of the 2nd Amendment

Image: Liberty Hangout

You’ve seen it by now, Kaitlin Bennett’s photos with an AR-10 on the campus of Kent State University (the site of the infamous 1970 incident where students were shot by the National Guard). She stands tall with her rifle slung across her back, graduation cap in hand with the words of King Leonidas of Sparta written across it – “Come and Take it” – molṑn labé.

Earlier today, Kaitlin was on Fox and Friends discussing her now viral photos. The conversation sparked some insights about liberty that I wish to share. If her photos and actions sparked some insights for you too, please let us know in the comments and be sure to share this article with your friends in you believe in the right to self-protection.

Point #1: These photos went viral.

What does that say about the climate surrounding guns? If everyone was on board with liberty and the right to self-protection, this should not have generated the headlines that it did. Her photos are somehow “controversial” but what exactly is controversial about them? She is a legal adult, getting some photographs taken at a public university with her personal property (the AR-10) in the photo.

The outrage and attention garnered from these photos led me to an insight – I am a resident of Ohio like Kaitlin, we are an open carry state, and I have NEVER seen one person open carry anywhere. The general public literally never lays eyes on firearms. If you don’t own one, you’ll never see one. I believe this fact has contributed to why so many get hysterical when they see one – they are not familiar with it. We always fear what is unfamiliar and what we don’t understand. As is obvious from the comments on the various social media platforms, many who are outraged at these photos do not know much about firearms. Many called her weapon an AR-15 when it isn’t.

If we want the outrage and fear of guns to be minimized, we need more people to see guns in real-life and to have experiences with them. Sometimes, the fear of guns melts away once the person is taken through a course where they get to learn and handle a gun in a safe environment (for example: here). What you can do personally as a gun owner, is to ask your friends who are not if they wish to learn about guns. Safely introduce them to it so that they can become more familiar in order to melt away their fear.

Point #2: Liberty must be actively fought for or else it will die.

I believe the time has come to defend liberty actively. We need more people like Kaitlin to exercise their rights and encourage others to do so as well. Of course the pictures make a statement, that was the point. The venue, the rifle, her outfit, the words on her cap, etc. they all make a point. The point that we will not compromise on the 2nd Amendment – our right to self-protection is unalienable.

Make no mistake about it, the far left’s agenda is total firearm confiscation. Kaitlin Bennett has received death threats from these photos, imagine how much worse it would be if everyone knew that Kaitlin had no weapons to defend herself? By the way, death threats are a great justification for owning a firearm in the first place. If you are a reader of Liberty Hangout, you’ve seen countless examples of the “tolerant” left and anti-self-protection crowd – imagine how much worse it would be if we could not be armed?

Point #3: Public Universities which have gun-free-zones and anti-gun policies are partially responsible for violence against their students.

Kimberly Corban was a college student when she was raped. She was denied the ability to own a firearm as a student in Colorado. As a result, she endured a brutal rape and was fortunate to survive. She is now an advocate against sexual assault and for campus carry.

Kimberly and Kaitlin make the great point that students should not have their right to self-protection revoked simply for being students. Why are the lives of the students (who pay tuition by the way) not as important as the guests at Kent St. who can legally open carry? Why does a student’s right to self-protection end simply because they are students? In all the hubbub of these photos, I feel this point is being largely missed or ignored. A student, faculty and/or staff member of a public university should not have their right to self-protection revoked simply due to their employment.

Updated information from the Crime Prevention Research Center states that 97.3% of all mass shootings occur in gun-free-zones. This data spans from 1950 to April 30th, 2018. In light of this data, any public school that continues to insist on making their campus a gun-free-zone should be criminally charged. Do not let this point get lost in the outrage being created surrounding Kaitlin’s photos. Her point about being allowed to carry on campus is very valuable and should not be forgotten.

Point #4: It’s quite nice to see a young person like Kaitlin involved in protecting the right to self-protection.

Oftentimes, young people want and need to see their peers doing things in order to give them the courage to do similar things. Kaitlin’s actions will hopefully inspire other young people to defend their right to self-protection and to get more involved in whatever way they can to promote it.

In all the outrage and chaos surrounding Kaitlin’s photos, do not forget these important lessons and the substance of what she is standing for. Share this article and her photos, clips, and videos relating to her stance far and wide so that other young people can be inspired to stand up for the 2nd Amendment and the right to bear arms.

If you believe that we the people must remain armed to protect ourselves against tyranny, share this article now!