Jim Carrey Just Blamed Kaitlin Bennett for the Texas Shooting

In light of a recent school shooting in Texas, what could be worse than a celebrity pointing the finger?

Jim Carrey, who is most likely back on Prozac or some other medication, is attempting to take the moral higher ground in another school shooting by attacking Liberty Hangout’s own Kaitlin Bennett, who recently went viral with her end of graduation statement; at Kent University where Kaitlin just graduated from, the students are prevented from carrying on campus, while people visiting are indeed allowed to open carry.

Yet, she was simply expressing her Second Amendment right, and you would think in the current political climate where its being stated that women are oppressed and victimized by men, wouldn’t the ability to defend oneself be decent enough of a combative tool against the patriarchy?

Apparently not. Carrey has been drawing political cartoons and posting them since August 2017, and apparently, most of them are simply anti-Trump. His most recent one depicting Kaitlin with a demon like monster in the background has gotten over 11k likes and 3k retweets:

And what are the comments like? I hope Obamacare has you covered for chemotherapy treatments:

What makes Kaitlin morally deficient they claim? Oh! Well because she believes in the right of self-defense, yet Quinn isn’t morally deficient by wanting the police (and the government in general) to seize guns from individuals.

The biggest “blow” these anti-gun nuts think they have against her posing with a gun at Kent State, is that there was a shooting there on May 4, 1970. A shooting you say? Minus any of the details, this may seem like a plausible point. Yet, the shooting, also known as the Kent State Massacre, was an incident where the Ohio National Guard, namely the government, open fired on students in a 13 second round of firing. 29 of the 77 guardsmen claimed to have fired their weapons, and as a result, there were four dead students and nine others that were wounded. It was a terrible tragedy that was perpetrated by the U.S. government upon students who were protesting against the Vietnam War, whom we all can agree was a senseless war.

Jim Carrey, as many of us are now aware of, is a “cartoon artist” and an ex-comedian who has the temerity to attack someone standing up for themselves and to protest against those that wish to take away her right to carry. For the record, here are a few quick points in relation to all this:

  • The recent shooting on May 18th, 2018, was committed by Dimitrios Pagourtzis with a shotgun and a .38 revolver.
  • In 2016, rifles killed 374, shotguns killed 262, and handguns killed 7,105; knives in comparison claimed 1,604. Suicides make up over 60 per of those deaths
  • The political climate clearly focuses on the “we’re not saying no guns…we went to regulate semi-automatic weapons.” Keep in mind, every weapon listed above excluding the knives, are semi-automatic weapons. This is lost on these anti-gun activists.

Support Kaitlin and her #CampusCarryNow initiative by ordering a t-shirt here.