Gun Control Has Failed Australia, It Will Fail America Too

Image: Louder With Crowder

Article By Alex Lansche

If you followed the news recently, you may have heard about the massacre in Osmington, Western Australia – 7 people murdered. 4 children, 3 adults. Despite AU’s strict gun-control legislation that was passed in the aftermath of the Port Arthur Massacre in 1996, these 7 people were murdered with a firearm. Gun-control was not a concern for the murderer.

If you happen to be of the regressive leftist ilk, this occurrence may have shocked you – how could this happen in Australia? The same Australia which is famous for how awesome and “successful” its gun control is. From the way the US mainstream media talks about Australia, you would think it is utopia. Nothing bad ever happens there. The citizens just surf, say “G’day”, and enjoy pristine summer weather 24/7. Turns out, that fairytale is just that – a fairytale.

This massacre at Margaret River has broken the facade of utopia and caused me to do a little research. Is this really the first big massacre since Port Arthur in 1996? Hardly. I’m about to name some recent Australian massacres; if you have never heard of them before in the US, don’t feel bad – I hadn’t either.

  1. On January 20th of 2017, a driver ran people over with his car on Flinders Street, in Melbourne. 6 people died and 30 more were injured. Did you hear about this? I never have.
  1. On December 19th, 2014, 8 people were murdered by a woman. Actually, the victims were all children between the ages of 18 months to 15 years and they were stabbed to death. She didn’t stand trial due to Mental Health Professionals determining she had suffered a psychotic episode induced by schizophrenia.
  1. On December 15-16th of 2014, the Sydney Siege occured. A 16 hour hostage situation which ended with 3 people dead and 1 injured. The man who held 28 people hostage was using a gun. According to the article linked, the murderer used a sawed off shotgun.
  1. On September 9th, 2014, a man in New South Wales murdered his wife and 3 children (all under the age of 10) and then committed suicide. 5 dead bodies in all. The article linked did not name the type of gun the murderer used.

I could continue but I’ll offer these as exhibit A. If you are interested, here is a link to even more massacres which featured high body counts in Australia. I ask you, have you ever heard of any of these massacres? I had not until I researched them. The recent massacre in Osmington sparked me to do a quick Google search, and this is what I found. I encourage you to look up all these incidents and do your own digging. Australia is not the utopia our media wants you to believe.

For starters, these 5 incidents, (the 4 listed and the most recent in Osmington) account for 29 dead bodies. They were killed in various ways: shot to death, stabbed to death, and run over with a motor vehicle. Even the guns used were presumably different – Sydney Siege murderer used a sawed off-shotgun and the New South Wales murderer executed his family with a single gunshot wound to each victim (most likely not a shotgun).

In light of this recent massacre, even the Washington Post is reporting that the fairytale of utopia in the land of Oz is a myth. Here is what the Washington Post reported:

  • In 2016, 20 years after the shooting in Tasmania [Port Arthur Massacre where 35 people were murdered by a man on a killing spree with a firearm], The Post’s Christopher Ingraham cited research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association showing that Australia had not had a mass shooting since the changes, and that suicide rates in the country had been on the decline.” – Parenthesis added by Liberty Hangout writer

This information looks bad for gun ownership right? Not so fast my friend – it gets better:

  • He noted, however, that there were no significant changes in gun-related homicides in the country – (emphasis added).
  • A 2016 investigation by an Australian newspaper, the Age, found that gun-related crimes in Melbourne had doubled over the previous five years.

I highly encourage you to read the article from The Age. It flies in the face of all the “Australia is a paradise, why can’t we be more like Australia?” nonsense we hear every time someone gets shot in the US. Without even talking about the MANY differences between the US and AU which make it utterly ridiculous to compare the two, the bigger fact is this: Australia is not a gun-free, gun-violence-free paradise. Here is a snippet from The Age article which sums up some salient points:

“Gun crime soars: In this series, Fairfax Media looks at Melbourne’s gun problem and the new breed of criminals behind the escalating violence. The investigation has found:

  • There have been at least 99 shootings in the past 20 months – more than one incident a week since January 2015
  • Known criminals were caught with firearms 755 times last year, compared to 143 times in 2011
  • The epicentre of the problem is a triangle between Coolaroo, Campbellfield and Glenroy in the north-west, with Cranbourne, Narre Warren and Dandenong in the south-east close behind
  • Criminals are using gunshot wounds to the arms and legs as warnings to pay debts
  • Assault rifles and handguns are being smuggled into Australia via shipments of electronics and metal parts.”

Wait, something must be wrong… 99 shootings in 20 months? The article also goes on to say that AUTOMATIC weapons are being seized off the streets. But I thought those were illegal? They are. Gun laws havne’t stopped criminals from using them.

Notice the second bullet point as well. CRIMINALS were caught with firearms more than 5x as many times in 2016. Why isn’t all the gun-control working?

What does all of this research tell us? Australia is not a paradise free of violence. It’s not even free of gun violence. A huge, sweeping gun ban in 1996, and gun related homicide was NOT STATISTICALLY SIGNIFICANTLY AFFECTED BY THE GUN BAN!

It should be noted: mass shootings like Port Arthur have decreased since the gun ban. But overall gun-homicide has not been statistically significantly affected. Before you scream, “This must be research funded by the NRA!”, I must inform you that it was actually research conducted by and published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Let me repeat that – research conducted by the American Medical Association found NO STATISTICALLY SIGNIFICANT DIFFERENCE in Firearm related homicides after the introduction of Australia’s sweeping gun reform and mandatory buyback program.

What does this mean? Could our mainstream media be ignorant of this? Do none of their interns or producers have access to the same Google machine that you or I do? Of course not. They have even more access than you or I. This leaves us with only two options:

  1. They are so miserably lazy and apathetic that they don’t care to ever do research and simply run with whatever they’re told. OR…
  2. They maliciously avoid doing research and sharing real stories in order to push an agenda – i.e.: the disarmament of the American people.

They very well could be guilty of both. But if I can do this much research and write this article in a few hours, they certainly could find what I found, if not more. Yet what do we keep hearing from regressives? “Australia has no more gun violence after they passed gun control.” As it so often is when dealing with regressives who hate liberty – lies, lies and more lies. Ignorance heaped on top of ignorance heaped on top of more lies. The harsh truth to tell the regressives, is to share this article with them so they can look up all the sources I mentioned and see for themselves – AUSTRALIA IS NOT UTOPIA. People are being shot in Australia, and especially in Melbourne. Just like in America, gun violence is better or worse depending on what city you are in.

Do not tolerate one more person spouting ignorance or lies about Australia’s gun “utopia” anymore. Share this article with them and speak the truth. The Osmington massacre sparked me to dig into this issue, and I must confess that before today, I didn’t know about any of these incidents I shared with you (except of course the 1996 Port Arthur massacre).

The stabbing of 8 children, the motor vehicle attack, men murdering their entire families with guns like in New South Wales and now, apparently, in Osmington – I was completely unaware of these things.

Liberty Hangout and I would LOVE to hear from you in the comments below: how many of these incidents had you heard of? Are there any other big ones you know about that I failed to mention? Please sound off in the comments below! We’d love to hear from you.

Final Takeaways:

  2. Criminals don’t care about gun-control
  3. Regressive Leftism is trying to disarm you – don’t let them tell otherwise