Gun Control Fails Again: 8 Dead in Chicago Memorial Day Weekend Shootings

The Left is silent as the lives of at least 8 people were taken (along with 30 injured) in Chicago due to gun violence over the past Memorial Day Weekend. Despite the extreme gun control laws in Chicago, this still happened, but it is the contention of the Left that giving up our guns will make the world safer. Regardless, we all know the true purpose of gun control is to make the people helpless and submissive to the government. Illinois has some of the toughest gun laws in America, but we can still see that criminals don’t follow laws.

This city teaches us what happens when you disarm the law-abiding citizenry of a region. It gives criminals free reign over the area, and the cost in human life and wellbeing is overwhelming. Why would a violent criminal who is willing to commit murder ever comply with any gun law? They wouldn’t, but a citizen who obeys the arbitrary laws of the State will.

Gun Control Hasn’t Failed the Government. It Has Failed You.

One of the narratives of the Right is that gun control has failed. This is patently false. Gun control has allowed Illinois to become the state with some of the highest taxes and toughest regulations. Gun control is very successful at its true goal: forcing the citizenry to comply with a totalitarian government.

The goal of gun control is not to make you safe. It is to make you submissive. In the case of Chicago, the people have no choice but to pay their burdensome taxes and obey their unreasonable regulations. Gun control has not failed. It has given the power elite of Illinois exactly what they want. But it has failed you.

What about Mobilizing Federal Troops?

One policy many have suggested to fix the violent crime in Chicago is to mobilize the troops into Chicago, but they’ve already done that. In January 2017, Trump mobilized federal troops into Chicago to eliminate violent crime. This, however, was a total failure. All that it did was militarize law enforcement while doing nothing to stop the violence in Chicago. In fact, one of the stated goals of this was to stop the flow of guns into the city (so much for the pro-gun Trump narrative, but I digress). Of course this year, there’s more violence in Chicago. In fact, the most notable story of feds in Chicago was issued last July when an FBI agent had his vehicle stolen.

The Left’s Deflection of Chicago

When confronted by the issue of Chicago, a leftist will claim that this doesn’t refute the need of gun control. In fact, the Left likes to blame pro-gun advocates for Chicago. Rather than admit that gun control doesn’t help reduce violence, leftists (including President Obama) blame states with lax gun laws like Indiana for the violence in Chicago. Not only is this blatantly false, but also it is a malicious means of attempting to revoke local sovereignty.

Lax gun laws in Indiana cannot be the reason violence is so bad in Chicago. If the presence of a gun is what causes violence, wouldn’t gun violence be worse in areas like Indiana where guns are more easily accessible? It would, but it isn’t. Violent crime in Indiana is far lower than violent crime in Illinois. In fact, cities with tough gun laws tend to be the most violent places in America.

Chicago not only demonstrates the failure of military as a resolver of violence (that only gave rise to ISIS in the Middle East), it also shows the need for looser gun laws. If a law-abiding citizen can’t defend themselves, then violent crime will naturally skyrocket. What Chicago needs is to allow the people of that city to defend themselves. They need to switch to a shall-issue concealed carry licensing process (if not, allow for constitutional carry). They need to make it easier for a law-abiding citizen to get a gun. Most of all, they need to pass Stand Your Ground legislation to ensure that the people of Illinois actually have the ability to defend themselves without going to prison. Too many lives have been lost in Chicago due to the atrocity that is gun control. It’s time to let freedom make the people safe again.