Arkansas Campus Carry Has Led to No Violence on College Campuses

Image: TBO

With Arkansas’s first semester having been completed since passing Campus Carry, Arkansas colleges have reported that the new law allowing students to carry weapons on campus has not lead to any violence. In spite of the hysteria of the Left, campuses that allow students to carry firearms seem to be among the safest places to pursue higher education.

While Arkansas colleges have become a sanctuary for students where they know that they can peacefully learn without the danger of being attacked, students are dying in gun free zones that the Left vehemently supports. Even though an overwhelming majority of mass shootings happen in gun free zones, the Left ignores this fact or claims that armed security guards is all that is needed to stop a shooting.

This, however, is far from the truth. Even though Parkland had armed security, 17 students still died when a deranged psychopath opened fire on the disarmed students. Armed guards can only do so much. When an attack is seconds away, a cop is minutes away. We, as individuals, deserve the right to defend ourselves, even if we are on a college campus.

Amanda Collins is a CCW holder, but her college did not allow students to carry their guns even if they have their CCW. She was raped on her campus. Even though she was a mere feet away from her campus police station, they were simply unable to help her. Collins was raped at gunpoint, so she could not defend herself. If she had a gun, however, this story could have ended with a dead rapist and a live woman who refuses to become a victim. Ever since this incident, COllins has been an avid supporter of campus carry. How could one morally deny a person the right to defend themself?

At 18, the age at which most students start college, you are legally able to carry a rifle on behalf of the government. You are even able to be forced into doing that. But it seems that to the government, you are unworthy of carrying a firearm for your own protection. Gun free zones are not safe zones, they are victim disarmament zones.

Arkansas should serve as an example to the rest of the US. It is impossible to calculate, but imagine how many assaults, how many rapes, how many murders were deterred because the potential attacker realized that there is a very real possibility that their victims were armed. By allowing guns on campus, colleges forced attackers to think twice before they acted on their desire to harm another person. Campus Carry is a moral imperative for our society.