Parkland Shooting Victim Who Saved 20 Lives Blames Sheriff

Marjory Stoneman Douglas HS student Anthony Borges, 15, was shot 5 times on the Valentine’s Day shooting protecting at least 20 other students from accused gunman, and former MSDHS student, Nikolas Cruz. Amazingly, he survived and was released from the hospital on Wednesday, April 4th.

He was shot in the chest, abdomen, and legs, sustaining injuries requiring him to be confined to a wheelchair. His ability to speak has also been greatly diminished. But even being through all that, he was able to write a statement, to be read by his lawyer at a news conference, harshly criticizing Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel and the three other officers who were on site for negligence to neutralize a threat their positions are designed to handle.

On thirty-nine separate occasions in the past year prior to the shooting, either police or social services were called to Cruz’s home. He had sent messages to students telling them he was going to “watch them bleed,” he had assaulted his foster mother, and of course, he was kicked out of school for his hostile behavior. The FBI and Sheriff’s office had received multiple calls of Cruz being a future school shooter. No action or follow-up was taken. Anyone with a hint of awareness would have Baker Act’d this person after the first visit, let alone let him retain a clean record even after over three dozen red flags and electronic evidence of hostility and danger.

At a news conference with Anthony and his father by his side, Alex Arreaza (Borges’ lawyer) read “They failed us students, teachers, and parents alike on so many levels. I want all of us to move forward to end the environment that allowed people like Nikolas Cruz to fall through the cracks. You knew he was a problem years ago and you did nothing. He should have never been in school with us.” He also criticized the superintendent’s implementation of the PROMISE program, a program designed towards the school district handling misdemeanor offences committed by students as opposed to law enforcement being in charge. The superintendent claims Cruz was not a part of this program, though he fit the criteria.

It was discovered early last month that Deputy on the scene Scot Peterson was not truthful after audio evidence revealed he said the gunfire was coming from “inside” the school, contradicting his statement believing the shots were coming from outside the school. Investigators said later he took up a position near the building and remained there for several minutes.  His subsequent transmissions focus on getting nearby streets and the school shut down and keeping deputies away from the building. Peterson, who has denied wrongdoing, retired rather than accept a suspension and investigation. The sheriff’s office calls on deputies to “engage an active shooter and eliminate the threat.”

Then there’s Sheriff Scott Israel, the figurehead of the Broward County Sheriff’s Office and the officer in charge on the day of the shooting. It was his decision to “set up a perimeter around the school” as opposed to the standard protocol of storming the school and attempting to take out the threat. A week after the shooting, he attends the CNN Town Hall with several students and teachers from MSDHS, some Parkland residents, and Dana Loesch speaking on behalf of the NRA to shift the blame on “18 year olds being able to buy rifles, the existence of bump-stocks, and the NRA’s neutrality on these events occurring.” Though he performs a sleight of hand tactic by prefacing just once that this is Nikolas Cruz’s doing and no one else’s, he gets into the NRA making it easier for people like Cruz to do what he did. Ironically, it was his department that was called to Cruz’s house 39 times, it was his department who received tips of his possibility of killing people, and it was specifically himself and three other deputies who chose to hide behind their vehicles and call an entirely different police station to help neutralize the shooter after setting up a perimeter that ended up saving zero lives. Nikolas Cruz passed a background check because the people in charge of making Cruz’s blank slate record a nuclear-bomb siren to any gun-store employee failed at every imaginable level, and he murdered 14 of his classmates and 3 of his former teachers because of irresponsible policemanship.

Some people have discredited the student activists like David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez for being too young to have any input. This mindset, while common, is the wrong approach to dealing with these people. Some of our founders were not much older than the 17 and 18 year olds talking about this issue. No, the reason people like David Hogg should be mocked isn’t for him not being 100% finished with puberty, it’s because what he and his crew say are unfounded and sensationalist leftist talking points. But the biggest reason is because there are plenty of MSDHS students who do not fit the anti-NRA narrative CNN is pretending the entirety of the high school survivors adhere to, and Anthony Borges is not the only one.

Hunter Pollack, whose sister Meadow was killed in Parkland, was denied the time to speak at the March For Our Lives rally in DC because what he said had more to do with school safety and security than political gun-reform. Colton Haab, a junior at Stoneman Douglas, claimed he was told by CNN at their town hall that his questions also about reformed school security weren’t what they were looking for and instead gave him some scripted options to ask. He refused to attend. Kyle Kashuv has been the most outspoken student from Parlkand who isn’t on the Hogg-side of the discussion. He met with senators and publicly endorsed actual legislation (something Hogg and Gonzalez have yet to legitimately do) introduced by Rep. John Rutherford (R-FL) weeks before the shooting that included providing $50million/year to 1: Create and operate an anonymous reporting system for threats of school violence, including phone apps, hotlines, and websites. 2: Implement improvements to school security infrastructure. And 3: Develop student, teacher, and law enforcement training to prevent violence.”

The left has been incredibly vocal about it’s support of law enforcement just trying to do their job in this situation. Which goes against the established narrative of the police being riddled with incompetence, corruption, and prejudice. It would appear the only time the left supports the police, is when they refuse to do their job. There will always be Nikolas Cruz’s in the world. We can’t regulate evil. But we can make sure those responsible for intercepting threats are actually willing to do so. We can control the number of Scott Israels, Scot Petersons, and Robert Runcies in charge of protecting our kids. Because right now, a 15-year-old kid did more to protect the students at Stoneman Douglas than the police department, FBI, and school district did put together.