If the Jews Had Guns, the Holocaust Wouldn’t Have Happened

On this Holocaust Remembrance Day, our society is enshrined by thousands of outraged individuals who are hellbent upon revoking your right to self-defense. Ever since the Parkland Shooting, the advocates of the total State have made it their mission to disarm the American public. What these people fail to tell the public, however, is the fact that a disarmed population has always found themselves in positions of horrific State violence, going as far as genocide and democide. The victims of the Holocaust are of no obsession. It is estimated that the number of people killed by the Nazis in acts of is as high as 17 million. Simply put, what Hitler did in the Holocaust is worse than any mass shooting, and the worst mass killings are almost always committed by government.

The Weimar Republic had a great deal of gun control. The Right to Bear Arms was largely rejected in Europe whereas the goal of the power elites is full control of the people. While Hitler did loosen gun control for members of the Nazi Party, he made it much more difficult to gain access to a firearm for people that his regime targeted, especially Jews. In addition, the Nazis first action after annexing new territory was the disarmament of the people (the United States followed this doctrine as well, especially in Iraq, where the only way one could own a weapon was if they kept it in their homes).

The Jewish people who were the primary targets of Hitler’s Holocaust would have had a greater chance if they were armed. If there was a rifle behind every blade of grass in Germany, the Nazis would have been scared to commit genocide against these people. In fact, there were instances of armed resistance against the Nazis. Take the instances of the armed Polish Jews who resisted. In addition, a vast majority of the Lithuanian Jewish survivors were those who fled into the woods with their firearms. When a government turns tyrannical, it becomes necessary for a society to be armed. It is always necessary for a society to be armed in order to prevent a tyrannical government. People like to claim a rifle can’t help stop a people from being subjugated, but Vietnamese farmers fought off the entire United States military in the 1960s with nothing more than blood, sweat, and AK-47s.

Hitler, a gun grabbing tyrant, killed 6 million Jews. But Jews with guns saved thousands of people who would have been killed by the Nazis otherwise. It’s important to consider the fact that a disarmed population is a sitting duck. The Parkland Activists, who dance on the grave of seventeen children whom a gun in the hands of a good guy could have saved, use “Never Again” as their call to action, but that phrase has a meaning that predates their movement for tyranny. “Never Again” was a call to action to do all that is necessary to stop another genocide from ever happening, and allowing the people to bear their private arms for the sake of self defense, whether against a criminal individual or a criminal government, is perhaps the best way to stop a government capable of genocide possible. The communists disarmed their victims. The Nazis disarmed their victims. The Klan used the State to disarm their victims. Don’t let your government disarm you, or you will be their next victim. Never Again.