Facebook Bans AR-15 Raffle, Says Site “Does Not Allow Violence”

Last week, Liberty Hangout helped a Kentucky roofing company promote an AR-15 raffle on Facebook. Twice, we posted the following image on our Facebook page, only to have it removed.

After it was taken down the second time, we received the following message from Facebook.

Though the raffle failed to violate a single one of the aforementioned terms of use, it was taken down nonetheless.

After US Senate candidate Austin Petersen similarly ran an AR-15 raffle a year ago and was banned from Facebook for it, he was informed by the social media site that it was a mistake for his raffle to have been taken down. Petersen was again banned from Facebook just a few short weeks ago after raffling off another AR-15.

The fact that AR-15 raffles were banned on at least four known occasions now shows that there is no way this is simply a mistake. Facebook has long been known to censor right-wing content, so this should come as no surprise.

Joshua Miller of JM Roofing commented on Facebook’s censorship of his raffle. He told Liberty Hangout,

“The reason Facebook gave for taking down our post is that I violated community standards which included buying or trading guns. I could understand if Facebook blocked my post because I was selling an actual gun or trading it, but I was giving a gift certificate to an online store that would ship the gun to the winner’s local licensed gun shop and perform all necessary background checks. At no time were we selling or trading a gun. I don’t believe any of the posts have been actually deleted from my business page, which leads me to believe it’s a more direct assault on Liberty Hangout and a larger political page. Nevertheless, Facebook clearly has an ideological bias towards the gun control debate and it effects small businesses like mine and Liberty Hangout. This experience has definitely left me questioning where I want to spend my ad dollars. I know I don’t want to spend them with a company who wants to erase my content, even though I had not broken any of their rules.”

It would be admirable if Facebook would come clean and admit their bias on the issue. But to instead remove the raffle from their site and say the reason why is because they do not allow violence is a dishonest cop out.

To participate in the raffle, like JM Roofing – Lexington on Facebook, and share this article with the hashtag #JMRoofing.