A Child’s Life for a Bureaucrats Pride

Image Credits: Respond For Life

By Adam Wilson

The left does not care about Alfie Evans.  They do not care about ending his suffering.  They care not for his parents. They did not care about Charlie Gard or his parents either.  The left, and more specifically, that subsection of the left that is urban, educated, and upwardly mobile, cares about preserving the existing social order, and their place in it.  At first blush, such an accusation may seem callous, and even paranoid. What does the left have to gain from the death of Alfie Evans? The simple answer is that while they have nothing to gain from his death, they stand to lose everything if he survives, or worse, his condition were to improve in the future.


 The Ascent of the “Expert Class”


In the US, and particularly in the EU, the “expert class” has rapidly and.. silently ascended to power.  We will loosely define the “expert class” as anyone possessing a graduate degree, usually in the hard sciences.  The expert class does not derive their legitimacy from consent of the governed, divine rule, or any traditional method of securing power.  The expert class derives their legitimacy solely from their formal education. At the forefront of the debate over Britain’s EU membership was its overbearing bureaucracy, and while the voters of the United Kingdom did choose to leave the EU, they did not vote away their own bureaucracy at home.   Mark Summers, professor of history at the University of Kentucky discusses this silent assassination of Democracy, “The needs of the burgeoning republic were growing too technical for political hacks to handle them, and too diverse for grass-roots democracy to meet them all. The growth of an administrative state only sped up as the partisan competitiveness diminished.  Government became something separate from politics and still more from the people. Somehow, in making good government, reforms had stripped it of its good name as a people’s government.”. Thus, western governments, under the pretext of efficiency, delegated copious amounts of power to administrators and technocrats, disenfranchising voters and bringing about a transfer of power that endures to this very day.

How Alfie Evans threatens the Technocratic Order


Having established that the expert class derives its legitimacy from formal education, and thus, its supposed ability to resolve highly technical problems, it follows that in order to maintain legitimacy, their policy prescriptions must be accurate.  In the United Kingdom, people have come to trust the accuracy of these technocrats so much that the state has more authority over children than their biological parents, or as John O’ Sullivan of the National Review puts it, “The state now ultimately exercises parental power over the child while, so to speak, leasing out that right to the actual parents on a day-to-day basis.”  Thus, if the expert opinion of medical professionals turns out to be wrong, especially in high profile cases, it would severely harm their standing with the British public, and thus, threaten their power and social standing, which is reliant on their expertise.  Perhaps this is why, despite Alfie surviving without life support for considerably longer than expected, medical professionals remain determined to end his life without reevaluating the situation.


All things considered, those who claim they are only looking out for Alfie’s best interests come off as ignorant at best, or disingenuous at worst.  If the fact that Alfie’s caretakers are seemingly determined to kill him doesn’t disprove the assertion, the fact that he was starved for 28 hours should.  While it is impossible to know the true intentions of those who support Alfie’s death, they should be regarded with suspicion at the very least.