The British Single Payer Healthcare System Just Sentenced Another Child to Death

Last year, the British government murdered the infant Charlie Gard by means of their single payer healthcare system. And less than 12 months later, the National Health Service (NHS) has decided to end the life of 23-month old Alfie Evans. Despite the Italian government granting Alfie citizenship so that his family may treat the child in Italy, the NHS and the People’s Republic of Great Britain decided that the child must die.

As though the children are owned by the government, the British have sentenced Alfie to death for having a disease that the mediocre British system can’t treat, but the Italians can. With 10 month old Charlie Gard, the British chose to murder him than allow the Americans to treat him, and they are now repeating the exact same atrocious act.

In December 2016, Alfie was admitted to a Liverpool Hospital on the grounds of a chest infection. He was on a ventilator until the communist Brits ordered his life support be shut down, but Alfie is still breathing. He is still fighting. But the British want him dead for no other reason to exert control.

This is what single payer healthcare looks like. This is what central planning does. The socialists of the 20th century killed more than 100 million people, but that blood is dry. The socialists of the 21st century now seek new blood, the Hyppocratic Oath be damned. It is a doctor’s duty to protect life and do no harm, but under government-run healthcare, doctors become another arm of the murderous State.

As the murder rates increase throughout Britain as they complete their regiment of victim disarmament, the government helps the criminals kill the innocent, as Charlie Gard and Alfie Evans join the body count. Government has failed the people of Britain. They gave up their guns, and therefore, the government had no fear of the pacified public. People ask why we “need” an AR-15 or an automatic weapon. Regardless of the fact that it’s a right and it doesn’t matter whether or not you need to arm yourself, this is why Alfie’s parents would need to arm themselves. If my government refused to allow me to take my sick child to a place where his life may be saved, I will get my child to that location.

Let this be a lesson. Government is not the answer. It has no incentive to save lives. It has no incentive to promote freedom. It has no incentive to promote prosperity. You give up your ability to defend yourself, you give up sovereignty in your healthcare, and the government owns you. And they will throw you away, just like they threw Charlie Gard away, and just like they are trying to throw Alfie Evans away.