BREAKING: Shooting Reported in Gun Free Zone YouTube HQ

More than 90% of all mass shootings occur in Gun Free Zones. So it should come as no surprise that police are reportedly responding to an active shooter at the YouTube Headquarters in San Bruno, California.

California, of course, has some of America’s strictest gun laws, but they seem to have some of the worst crime statistics throughout the United States. This is only one incident that proves the trend that gun control is nothing more than victim disarmament.

While the gun control advocates call for action (which is loosely translated to “call for the revocation of our natural rights”), those who promote the right to self defense are forced to send only thoughts and prayers. Simply put, this is all you can do. Since the people in the line of fire are literally defenseless, you can only hope for divine intervention.

Think about the general trend of shootings. When a shooting is stopped by a cop, we can expect at least fifteen people to die. When a civilian who is already there stops it, less than five. In a shooting, seconds count. When seconds count, unfortunately, police are minutes away.

Liberty Hangout will continue to update this story as details emerge, but we truly hope someone is defying California’s tyrannical gun laws and therefore has the ability to defend themselves and the people within YouTube HQ.