BREAKING: Gun Grabbers Cause Bump Stock Creator to Go Out of Business

Image Credit: CBS News

On April 18th, 2018, Slide Fire announced its plans to permanently close their doors and close their website and business for good due to the Trump Administration’s plan to ban bump stocks, an accessory that allows an individual to fire their weapon faster than one usually could. The proposed ATF regulation that would ban bump stocks reclassifies the accessories as machine guns. That’s not melodramatic at all! A piece of plastic is a weapon of mass destruction! Heaven help us all!

All gun laws are infringements, and it seems Trump is fully ready to violate your rights. But in addition to the bump stock ban, the ban is so poorly written that it could be used by a future administration to ban semi-automatic weapons. Donald Trump, the pro gun hero of the Republic, has revoked your right to bear arms more than Obama ever hoped to do. Obama, in fact, refused to ban bump stocks on several occasions. Thanks, Obama! Literally, you’re better than Trump on guns!

Slide Fire will remain open until May 20th, and I suggest you support them. Buy a bump stock while they’re still available online. Even if you won’t use it, it is the duty of a human being to disobey unjust laws. But above all else, never forget this: Donald Trump is an enemy of gun owners. Donald Trump is an enemy of an armed people. He is the enemy of a free people. Any tyrant who attempts to revoke the rights of the people must face the consequences. We the people must hold Trump accountable.

We have endorsed Thomas Massie for President in 2020, but this endorsement extends to effectively any libertarian Republican who could primary Trump out of office. Rand Paul should primary Trump. Justin Amash should primary Trump. Mike lee should primary Trump. Nobody should support Trump after he attempted to revoke our right to self defense. Bump Stocks are a right, just as any gun or any accessory or any weapon is. You can read Gun Owners of America’s statement on the end of Slide Fire here.