More People Die Annually from Smartphones than AR-15s

Image Credits: MyDoc Productions 



The time to ban teenagers from purchasing smartphones is now.

As you may have heard, teenagers across the United States took to the streets a few days ago to loot Walmarts and assault students who didn’t agree with their walkout to protest the second amendment.

While we applaud the efforts of the teenagers to ban scary things, we’ve unfortunately come across something scarier than the AR-15 and it isn’t even regulated!

This device that’s even scarier than the AR-15 is the smartphone. According to the DMV, 9 people are killed every day due to a distracted driver. That’s an estimated total of 3285 which is 10 times the number of people who die annually from any kind of rifle in the United States.

As concerned citizens, we wish to bring this massive issue to the national discussion on violence in America. Emma Gonzalez told Dana Loesch that she would protect Dana’s children in a way Dana wouldn’t because Dana refused to infringe on the second amendment. We wish to protect children who have smartphones in a way their parents won’t.

We at Liberty Hangout have put together a petition to raise the age required to purchased a smartphone to 21 in order to hopefully to save our children’s lives from the dangers of distracted driving. Although there are numerous laws established that make cars text free zones, nothing is more important than the lives of our children and anyone who disagrees with our reasoning hates children and doesn’t have a heart.

Its about time we talked about common sense Smartphone regulations. If you wish to take part in this effort to get congress to talk about Smartphones you can sign the petition here.