Biden thinks he would “beat the hell” out of Trump in High School

No, this isn’t a joke…

At a speech at the university of Miami, Joe Biden told a crowd of people that he would have “beat the hell” out of Trump if they were in High School together.

The former Vice President’s comments were referring to a private conversation that was leaked where Trump talked about grabbing a woman by the pussy.

This isn’t the first time Democrat politicians have shown violent tendencies towards Republican politicians and certainly won’t be the last. Joe Biden in particular has expressed interest in fighting President Trump in the past as well. In 2016, Biden said he wanted to take Trump behind the gym if he was in high school.

Lets be real here, a fight between Joe Biden and Donald Trump would never happen but for fun lets look at some of the numbers. Fully clothed, Joe Biden is 6 feet tall and 180lbs, Donald Trump is 6’3 and 239lbs. Its safe to say being that Donald Trump and Joe Biden are both senior citizens that there wouldn’t be much of a ground game in this fight so the match would be decided on the feet in more or less boxing style.

Many boxing experts have already weighed in on a potential boxing match between the President and the former vice president with many in favor of Trump winning. “Biden, he has no shot. He’s too slow, too old and no good footwork like the Donald.” said Sean Gibbons last year.

After looking at the numbers, its hard for us to say there is a viable chance for Joe Biden to take Donald Trump down in a fight. Biden is too small and it seems unlikely he would be able to take the hulking Donald down to the floor. If one thing is certain however, Trump would most likely have kicked Biden’s nuts so hard that Biden would never have had a chance to mourn his son.