The Artist who Painted Obama’s Portrait is Known for Painting Blacks Beheading Whites

According to Vanity Fair, former President Barack Obama selected Kehinde Wiley to paint his presidential portrait for the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery. After revealing the portrait of the president with Obama himself, it was also revealed that Wiley has a past of painting black women decapitating white women.

Wiley painted two pieces which are titled “Judith beheading Holofernes” basically proclaiming that the works are supposed to resemble a story (which takes places in Syria) of a women who seduces a general and beheads him to save her land.

Typically, artists from the Renaissance era have depicted Judith as a savior which given the historical premise; Wiley’s recreation seems to be nothing more than “a blatant statement of racism; black women are the powerful angels of the earth, conquering the white devils.”

Imagine if any other former president hired a painter who was famous for depicting white people killing black people in his art to paint their official portrait. You can’t right? That’s because it would be awful and rightfully condemned. Leftist hypocrisy knows no bounds however.

In the featured photo of this guardian article you can see him proudly standing in front of one of the images depicting a black women decapitating a white women.  Remember this next time someone who supports and loves Obama tries to call Trump a racist for something ridiculous like calling backwards countries shitholes.