Muslim Student Tries To Get Another Student Expelled For Refusing To Wear A Hijab

Last Thursday as Kathy Zhu, a student at the University of Central Florida was walking to class. She saw a booth at the Student Union with a banner titled “try a hijab on.” A Muslim girl manning the booth asked Zhu to try a hijab and Zhu politely refused, took some photos of the booth and continued on with her day after posting this tweet.

One of the Muslim girls who was at the booth responded to Zhu on twitter and called for other students to contact the UCF administration to expel her.

Zhu responded to the Muslim student reminding her that she was permitted on a public campus to take photos of anything and especially other public RSO groups on campus. This didn’t stop the Muslim student’s tweet from receiving over 750 likes and 230 retweets before the student made her account private.

After receiving many emails trying to get Zhu expelled, UCF took to twitter to release a statement saying that the school had concluded that neither student’s actions violated the University’s rules of conduct. This however couldn’t be further from the truth.

As another twitter use pointed out, the Muslim student absolutely violated the University’s code of conduct. The Muslim student’s tweets absolutely deliberately interfered with Zhu’s free speech. The Muslim student absolutely did target Zhu with harassment as well.

Although its good to hear no actions will be taken against Kathy, justice has not been served here. You can follow Kathy Zhu on twitter to see more.