Farewell, Libertarian Party; Hello, Republican Liberty Caucus

First off, I just want to make it clear I was, and never have been, a member of the national Libertarian Party. I have only been a member of Michigan’s Libertarian Party for reasons that will be explained in this letter.

Dear Libertarians,

My decision to leave the party was a hard one. It was a process of several weeks with me talking to people of all ideologies and opinions of how I should move forward. At the end of the day, I believed it was necessary for me to leave the Libertarian Party of Michigan and join the Republican Liberty Caucus instead.

Over my last year with being a dues paying member, I have met more people who care about limited government and bringing change than I had for the previous 17 years of my life. Lorence Wenke, a business leader from Kalamazoo, helped guide me through two crazy conventions with a lot on the line. I could proudly cast my vote for Tim Yow, an Austin Petersen supporter, for vice chair, while voting for an Anarchist, Jeff Wood, for chairman. It is an experience I will never forget, but I often think about how much those people will be able to accomplish in a party that is sinking.

I am not leaving Michigan’s Libertarian Party because of any of the members in my state. They are great people who are working hard to advance liberty. Unfortunately, working harder is not always smarter.

The leadership at the national level created a mess each state chapter will have to answer to. It is easy for the leadership to sit back and allow an unhinged vice-chairman to make statements disrespecting veterans and okaying pedophilia when they are not the candidates who want nothing to do with either of those things. The Libertarian Party had their shot to remove the vice-chairman, but instead allowed him to remain. This is unacceptable and should never be tolerated.

If the Libertarian Party wants to be taken seriously, they need to act like it. The top issues in the party should be the economy, foreign policy, and personal freedom. Instead it has been pedophilia. This is not a club you join to mess around with and just talk. It is a political party that exists to win elections and make America a freer nation.

The Libertarian Party has managed to push away those like Ron Paul, Austin Petersen, and to a lesser extent, Larry Sharpe (who resigned from his position in the LNC’s leadership), while embracing Arvin Vohra and Bill Weld. Libertarians are losing the battle, not because of liberty-Republicans, but because of irresponsible actions up top.

Like I stated earlier, it pains me to leave my friends at Michigan’s Libertarian Party. There are many quality candidates who deserve their shot to make a difference in the world. I will still be there to support them, but no longer as a fellow member. For that, I turn to the Republican Liberty Caucus.

Dear Republicans (specifically the Liberty Caucus),

It is great to be a member of a party who is “in it to win it”. While I still wish to do away with the two-party duopoly, I am not blind to the fact it starts by actually electing libertarians. I am glad I have found a party that can embrace pro-life and pro-veteran values while recognizing the problems that exist with the state.

Liberty is won at every level of government, something the Liberty Caucus is currently winning in. You have endorsed candidates who are ready to fight uphill battles against their own party and then Democrats. From Maine to Missouri, Washington DC to Lansing, the Liberty Caucus is determined to win elections.

The Liberty Caucus has a lot of work to do. In my home state of Michigan, we do not currently have an active chapter. Things need to change and be organized, especially in the home state of Justin Amash. On top of this, convincing the future generations of conservatives that liberty is a better avenue than the current Republican party is key. We hold control of both houses of congress, the presidency, and Supreme Court. We have not replaced Obamacare, audited the Federal Reserve, or cut spending. We have to win the minds of voters to truly solve the issues near to our hearts and make sure the RINO’s leave office for good.

That being said, I cannot wait to work with the party and help elect those who support liberty on all issues. It will be an exciting future.

In closing:

Me leaving the Libertarian Party will probably be unnoticed by those at the top. I am after all just one member who could only afford the minimum amount for membership. Do not let this go unnoticed, however. More and more people just like me are fed up with poor leadership. I hope that my former party elects true leadership that focuses on the right things like winning elections. I am sure they have the right people running, it is up to those who have decided to brave the storm and remain in the party.

I will still vote for Libertarians. I still support the philosophy of libertarianism. The only thing that will change is the letter by my name. I will proudly support those like Austin Petersen (R ), Rand Paul (R ), and Thomas Massie (R ), while supporting those like Larry Sharpe (L) and Tyler Palmer (L). I support liberty, regardless of your party. I joined the Republican Liberty Caucus because they maintain the same principles while winning elections.

I am a proud libertarian.