David Hogg Is An Arrogant Piece of Sh*t

David Hogg is not a crisis actor, but he is still a horrible person, by every stretch of the imagination. The politicization of seventeen of his classmates should close the case regarding his personality, but he has taken it a step further. By dehumanizing ideological dissidents, waging a witch hunt against all who are to the right of Elizabeth Warren, contradicting his own policy positions, and even stigmatizing the mentally ill, David Hogg has enabled a new culture against human freedom for a cause that he does not understand.

If one takes one look at David Hogg’s Twitter, it becomes obvious that he is milking the immeasurably tragic Parkland shooting for his own political fame. Simply put, David Hogg stands for nothing more than the Democratic Party and the enslavement of humanity. He is an opportunist. For example, he decided to excuse the sheriff who signed up to protect his classmates and failed to do so, all the while calling out the president for draft-dodging.

There is a lot of grounds on which one can criticize the president, but dodging the draft is among the most freedom-oriented things a human being can do. To support the draft is to support slavery. No wars should ever happen, let alone people be forced to fight in those wars. But at the same time, David Hogg said that Florida Governor Rick Scott should be held accountable for the failure of the sheriff deputies to protect the students Governor Scott, of course, is a Republican. David Hogg is excusing any non-Republican who was involved. Whether it be the useless FBI, or the cowardly deputies, or the police who were tipped about Cruz multiple times. He made his agenda clear here. Hogg wants to wage war against advocates of limited government. Freedom is nothing in his eyes.

In addition, Hogg has an affinity for boycotting businesses that associate with the NRA, such as FedEx. Interestingly enough, FedEx sides with Mr. Hogg regarding the AR-15, but they are required by federal law not to discriminate. Hogg is ruining businesses for complying with anti-discrimination legislation he probably supports. Don’t get me wrong, Hogg has every right to boycott any business for any reason, but based on his tyrannical views on guns, it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if Hogg supported jailing businesses who discriminate against leftists.

In addition, Hogg is perhaps more pro-gun than I could ever be. I only support the right of the people to own weaponry. I do not support the right of anyone to initiate force against another person or property with their weaponry. Hogg, however, believes in the right of the agents of the State to use guns to forcefully revoke perhaps the only means of self-defense the people have. He believes in the centralization of gun ownership. David Hogg is not only pro-gun, he is in favor of gun violence, so long as it is the government employing said violence.

Last, but certainly not least, David Hogg is perpetuating an extremely damaging stigma against the mentally ill. Hogg has proposed that people with mental illness should not be able to get a weapon of any kind. While he has not explicitly said this, the only reason one could support such a measure is that one believes that people with mental illnesses are violent. This is a bold-faced lie and a shameful stigma against the mentally ill. The National Institutes of Health have done extensive research on this matter, and mentally ill people are less likely to be violent than sane peoplePeople with mental illnesses simply are not violent. There is simply no argument to be had on the topic. But Hogg doesn’t care about facts in this crusade. He will employ ableist bigotry to stick the foot of tyranny into the door, allowing for victim disarmament to commence. 

What happened to David Hogg’s school was an absolute tragedy, but his policy solutions will only make things worse. More than 90% of all mass shootings happen in gun-free zones because the victims cannot fight back. If anything, we should end gun-free zones. But that solution is insufficient as well. With the emboldening of the supermassive State, the culture of the world has turned into one of violence first, and cooperation later. Government, a monopoly on violence, shows that one can use violence to achieve their goals much more quickly than through peaceful and voluntary means. We should change this culture, or this problem will always linger in society. David Hogg is not to blame for arrogance, he is merely a product of the modern State. The State has conditioned him to think that legislation will solve all of his problems. The opposite of that is true. By encouraging peace and cooperation in our culture, we will see a less violent world.