Washington DC: The Shithole to End All Shitholes

Ever since Trump’s comments about “shithole countries,” there’s been a lot of talk about what a “shithole” country is. These discussions, however, have never included perhaps the greatest shithole. We must consider a true hive of scum and villainy: Washington, D.C. From poor living conditions to tyranny domestic and abroad, Washington, D.C. is truly the shithole to end all shitholes.


Washington, D.C. has one of the highest crime rates in all of America. Property owners have nearly a 10% chance to fall victim to a thief or armed robber in this shithole compared to less than 2.5% in the rest of the US. Compared to the rest of the US, you are more than three times more likely to be murdered, five times more likely to be robbed, more likely to be raped, three times more likely to be assaulted. All around, you are four times more likely to fall victim to violent crime in DC compared to the rest of the US.

To add insult to injury, the shithole has effectively banned self-defense. The shithole that is Washington, D.C. has some of the strictest gun laws in America. Even after D.C. vs. Heller, it is still nearly impossible to obtain a concealed carry permit (which you shouldn’t even need). If you are visiting Washington, D.C., the Swamp will not honor your right to bear arms, probably for the sake of protecting the scumbags that I’m addressing in the next two sections.


Of course Washington, D.C. wouldn’t be such a shithole if it wasn’t revoking the sovereignty of other people. It seems that the Swamp doesn’t recognize its barriers. Scumbags (think of your least favorite congressman and senators) have waged a failed war on drugs throughout all of the US, has implemented a 75,000+ page tax code, has regulated business owners to death, and has eliminated the sovereignty of state and local governments! The Constitution sure did a fantastic job of limiting the federal government, am I right?

To make this even worse, the criminals that run Washington, D.C. think they have your permission to enslave you, so they make you pay for their indiscretions. The US Federal Government is $21 trillion in debt, and Bernie Sanders and John McCain sure ain’t paying that off! So, in addition to all of their egregious crimes against humanity, they use propaganda and the myth of democracy to claim that you asked for this. Washington, D.C. is a shithole that is filled with shithole people.

This Shithole Creates More Shitholes

Misery loves company. And no shithole has created more shitholes than Washington, D.C. Their domestic policies have devastated their own people, especially those in rural and inner-city areas. But above that, they have taken their advocacy of “freedom” abroad. The United States foreign policy is a tragicomedy of failure after failure. The US’s participation in regime change has destabilized the world and has devastated the lives of people abroad. If one supports freedom, they must reject regime change.

So as we can see here, Washington, D.C. is truly the shithole to end all shitholes. The living conditions are terrible. Their leaders are tyrants, and that tyranny has expanded into a global empire. Why would anyone want to be ruled by such a shithole area?