Trump’s New Year’s Resolution Should be Non-Interventionism

According to the neoconservatives of the media and the two-party establishment, World War III is upon us! As protests in Iran turn violent, the need for the US to overthrow the regime of Hassan Rouhani becomes all the more necessary, says the John McCain “conservatives.” Kim Jung-Un’s finger is on the button, say the hacks at CNN, Fox News, and all the rest of the mainstream media. And it looks like Trump is going to join them the war mongers and reject the blessings of foreign non-interventionism.

Donald Trump has been continuing to threaten North Korea over Twitter, but the White House does claim they are seeking diplomatic solutions. Recently, Trump has been showing his support for the people of Iran through Twitter. Although his support for these people is noble, Donald Trump must rethink his foreign policy because he sounds just like Hillary Clinton right now.

Perhaps the greatest mistake Trump made in 2017 was when he ordered airstrikes on Syria in April. The Middle East is not our fight. Continued foreign intervention there, or anywhere else, will only make Americans less free and less safe. Donald Trump campaigned on an America First platform in 2016. It is time that he does that which is best for the American people, and disregard the neocons and the Military Industrial Complex.

Currently, $824.6 billion will be stolen from the American people in order to fund the military to coddle other nations. If Trump and the Republicans want to unleash the free market in America, he must cut spending. This includes military spending. Under current conditions, America needs to be able to defend itself. Expansionism, however, only puts us at greater risk of economic bankruptcy and blowback terror attacks.

The economic costs of war should be the least of our concerns regarding this matter, nevertheless. The greatest cost to the American people with foreign intervention is that of omnipotent government. To sustain such a massive empire, a strong central government is necessary. If we are to have liberty, we must reject the battle cries of the war mongers and put America First instead.

Rather than using the coercive state in order to overthrow oppressive regimes, America ought to pursue amity and commerce with all while minding our own business. If a nation is not attacking America, the military has no place in imposing its will on that nation. A military ought not to form unless America is under attack. The founding fathers feared a standing army. It is a tool of the State to impose its will on the people. If Donald Trump truly valued the idea of America First, he would bring the troops home, disband the standing army, and encourage the revival of private militias to preserve the domestic liberties of the American people.

In other words, Donald Trump has put the American First by rejecting globalism, deregulating the economy, and cutting taxes. But he has failed to put America First in regards to foreign policy. Rather than have a presidency of peace and prosperity, Trump has tried to make Syria and Iran the next Iraqi Invasion which he himself condemned as a failure when he was running for president.

For 2018, it is time to put America First entirely. We must reject the siren song of foreign interventionism. Doing so would allow for a smaller government, decentralization, and the restoration of our civil liberties. Only if Donald Trump takes Ron Paul’s advice and follows a foreign policy of peace and prosperity will he truly shrink the government and put America First.