Trump supports Sen. Paul’s proposal to suspend aid to Pakistan

Image: Infowars

On Thursday Senator Paul took to twitter to announce a bill he plans to introduce that would effectively stop all foreign aid to Pakistan. The bill would seize all aid to Pakistan and  redistribute it to U.S. infrastructure at home.  This announcement came shortly after Trump expressed frustrations over Pakistan’s failure to suppress terrorists and other extremists within their own borders.

“I’ve been fighting to end aid to Pakistan for years and will again lead the charge in the Senate. Let’s make this happen.” Paul said in a tweet.

Shortly after Paul’s tweet. The State Department announced that the U.S. would freeze security assistance to Pakistan over their frustration with Pakistan’s failure to deal with threats within their borders. “The U.S. will continue to withhold $255 million in military aid to Pakistan as the White House reviews the nation’s “level of cooperation” in fighting terrorism,” a National Security Council spokesperson said.

President Trump weighed in on Paul’s plan Friday night with support as well. “Good idea Rand!” Trump tweeted. This remarkable move by Senator Paul seems to have gained much needed support. Hopefully this exchange will lead to more reductions in spending and especially foreign aid to countries that continue to harbor terrorists in their backyards.



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