Top 10 Libertarians of 2017

3.) Lew Rockwell

Were it not for Lew Rockwell, this list would not be happening. Every person on this list has been inspired by Rockwell’s 1982 creation: the Ludwig Von Mises Institute. Having lost his brother to friendly fire during the second World War, Lew Rockwell has always been anti-State and anti-war.

As founder and chairman of LvMI, Rockwell has ensured the dream of Mises’ widow, Margit Von Mises, survives through the Mises Institute. Because of Lew Rockwell, there is a place where all can learn the uncensored truths of Ludwig Von Mises and his student, Murray Rothbard.

In addition to being the founder and chairman of the #1 source of libertarian theory and Austrian Economics, Lew Rockwell’s own website,, regularly features articles from legends such as Walter Block, Ron Paul, Judge Andrew Napolitano, Paul Gottfried, and many more. Without Lew Rockwell, there would be no Mises Institute. Without the Mises Institute, there would be no liberty movement.