Top 10 Libertarians of 2017

4.) Jeff Deist

Jeff Deist has brought the Ludwig Von Mises Institute to new levels of success as the president of this economic think-tank and libertarian organization. A former chief of staff to Ron Paul and currently a tax lawyer, Deist has been a long time advocate of Austrian Economics and a libertarian society. As the host of Mises Weekend, Deist helps frame the conversation of Libertarianism, having on guests such as Dr. Robert Murphy, Dr. David Gordon, and many other advocates of libertarianism.

His speech “For A New Libertarian” reminded us that libertarians are not nihilists and that we ought to respect the institutions of civil society, whereas they are a fundamental defense against the State. Deist has also highlighted the importance of self-determination, and therefore localization and secession, to libertarianism. Through and through, Deist is a hero of freedom.