Top 10 Libertarians of 2017

7.) Hans-Hermann Hoppe

Dr. Hans-Hermann Hoppe has been the face of much controversy throughout 2017. A student of Murray Rothbard, Hoppe has been a leading voice of Austro-Libertarianism through his Property and Freedom Society. His books, A Theory of Socialism and Capitalism, The Economics and Ethics of Private Property, A Short History of Man, and Democracy: The God That Failed have been on the front line of libertarian intellectualism.

His return to America for the Ludwig Von Mises Institute’s 35 Year Anniversary made this event particularly special, and attracted libertarian students from all across the world. His speech “Libertarianism and The Alt-Right” offered criticism of the politics of the Alt-Right, but also presents cultural critiques of the modern libertarian. This was not a criticism of libertarianism, but of the movement that claims to support libertarianism. In the conclusion of this speech, Dr. Hoppe offered a strategy for the modern libertarian, primarily based off of his mentor’s “Right Wing Populism.”