Top 10 Libertarians of 2017

8.) Eric July

One of liberty’s most outspoken activists, Eric July is the lead singer of the popular libertarian band Backwordz. July became a social media sensation two years before in 2015 for his video rants about Bernie Sanders, and in 2017, his band released their debut album Veracity.

Donning Liberty Hangout’s famous Taxation Is Theft hat, July and his band received hundreds of thousands of views on their music videos, hit number 2 on Heatseakers Album Chart, and made it to number 1 on the Alternative New Artist chart. Veracity includes a full list of anti-state, anarcho-capitalist songs, inspired by the works of Murray Rothbard and Ludwig von Mises.

July’s rise to prominence in 2017 culminated with being asked to emcee Tom Woods’ 1000th podcast episode at a special event in Orlando, Florida. His friendship with the Mises Institute has helped bring an unadulterated message of Austrian economics, property rights, and self-ownership to millions of people.