Top 10 Libertarians of 2017

2.) Tom Woods

The author of twelve books (including two New York Times bestsellers) and the host of over 1,000 episodes of The Tom Woods Show, Woods is a senior fellow of the Ludwig Von Mises Institute. Along with the Tom Woods Show, Woods co-hosts Contra Krugman, a podcast which refutes Paul Krugman’s writings, with Dr. Bob Murphy. In addition to Contra Krugman, Woods and Murphy hosted the incredibly successful Contra Cruise.

Woods’ 1000th episode, which took place live in Orlando, Florida, featured guests such as Eric July, Dave Smith, Tenth Amendment Center founder Michael Boldin, and many more. Woods has also helped expose the Anti-Rothbard Cult, which includes people such as David Boaz and Brink Lindsey. Woods is not afraid to tell the truth, and challenged libertarians to continue telling the truth at Mises 35, urging the audience to tell the truth even if you will be reviled for it. If people hate you for telling the truth, it is not wise to seek the approval of those people. Because of Tom Woods, we know that it is okay to set fire to the index cards of allowable opinion.