Top 10 Libertarians of 2017

The following article is co-authored by Justin Moldow and TJ Roberts.

Riding the wave of growing anti-leftist sentiments, many notable figures in the libertarian movement stepped forward in a big way in 2017. Americans became sick and tired of big government after 8 years of the Barack Obama presidency, creating a golden opportunity for liberty in this country.

The libertarian philosophy was able to win out in a big way in 2017, as calls for tax cuts, regulatory reform, decentralization, and secession became more deafening than ever. Of course, none of this would have been possible without great libertarian leaders to carry the baton of liberty.

Before getting to our top ten libertarians of 2017, here are some honorable mentions that made leaps and bounds for the libertarian philosophy last year.

Judge Andrew Napolitano

Most famous for once having a television show on the Fox Business Network, Freedom Watch, Napolitano is one of the most successful and revered libertarians of all time. Napolitano is a frequent legal analyst on Fox News, and Constitutional expert. His contributions to liberty in 2017 were perhaps some of his most important, as he helped influence Donald Trump to choose a Constitutionalist as his pick for Supreme Court, in the way of Neil Gorsuch.

Candice Jackson

A lesser known figure in the libertarian community, Candice Jackson was named a Deputy Assistant Secretary by Betsy DeVos in the Department of Education in 2017. Jackson was once an author at Reason Magazine, and is a student of libertarian economist Murray Rothbard. She once had a fellowship at the Ludwig von Mises Institute and helped collect essays from Rothbard. Her ability to make her way into the Trump administration while espousing support for the Austrian school of economics gives her honorable mentions in our list.

Bob Murphy

Bob Murphy is the author of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Capitalism, Lessons for the Young Economist, Chaos Theory, Choice: Cooperation, Enterprise and Human Action. Dr. Murphy has also compiled study guides for Human Action and Man, Economy, and State. Dr. Murphy has done extensive work with Tom Woods and has been named as a Senior Fellow of the Ludwig Von Mises Institute in 2017.

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