It Is Time to Kick Maxine Waters Out of Office

Article By Joshua Speer

Omar Navarro, the Republican candidate for California’s 43rd congressional district, is making the bold move of trying to unseat Maxine Waters. The campaign’s official theme is “Proactive Leadership for the 21st Century” and focuses on key issues that many people in his district care about, but all Americans can benefit from.

Born in Inglewood, CA, Navarro has lived in Hawthorn and currently resides in Torrance. Which, unlike the residency of his incumbent Democratic opponent, are all actually inside of the district. Despite this fact, she still received 76% of the vote when he last ran against her in 2016, so this is an uphill battle to begin with. Navarro earned a B.A. in Criminal Justice at ITT-Technical Institute before going on to found a small business serving the tech industry. He also serves as a traffic commissioner for the City of Torrance, coordinator for Unified Small Business Alliance, and has volunteered a lot of his time assisting crime victims at the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office.

Unlike Maxine Waters, who wrote a letter to Fidel Castro in 1998 asking him to not extradite cop-killing domestic terrorist, Joanne Chesimard, and “all other individuals who have fled the United States from political persecution​” (emphasis added), the Omar Navarro campaign takes a strong stance against terrorism and is pro-law enforcement. It is worth noting that he is also pro-second amendment, pro-life, anti-abortion, in favor of stricter immigration policies, advocates reducing taxes and the regulatory state, and wants to return the power to states and localities for education. This is likely why has earned the endorsements of many prominent conservatives such as Larry Elder, Roger Stone, Herman Cain, and Barry Goldwater, Jr.

For more information about Omar Navarro, visit his campaign website or follow him on social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook.