Ron Paul Calls for Trump to Fire Jeff Sessions

Former Congressman Ron Paul has long been a fierce opponent of the War on Drugs. It should be of little surprise then that Congressman Paul is no fan of Attorney General, Jeff Sessions.

Earlier this week, Sessions announced that he would repeal Obama-era policies which let states legalize marijuana without federal interference.

During his online show The Ron Paul Liberty Report, Paul called on President Trump to fire Jeff Sessions.

Paul stated, “He seems to be a menace. He’s undoing some positive steps forward in curtailing some civil liberties. He’s taking a big step backwards on this war on drugs… He ought to really consider firing this guy. I don’t think the country would be less well off.”

He continued, “I’m going to finish with a positive note and say that Sessions is not going to win, because the people have awakened. He’s going to hear from them.”

Watch Paul’s segment below: