Rand Paul: Stop Giving Money to People Who Want Us Dead

Taxation is an abhorrent confiscation of the product of one’s labor without voluntary contract and consent. It is an action that the founders did not believe in federally; instead, advocating for tariffs to fund the general government. This being said, the reality of the situation is that the world at large pays taxes to their governments. These taxes are then used for whatever the lawmakers and regulators of the people’s money desire to appropriate the money towards. The public narrative surrounding taxation goes as followed; taxes are used to benefit the citizenry by way of doing actions that only can be achieved by organizations of such grandiose size and scale as governments. This narrative has been enshrined into the psyche of the world’s population to such an extent that to question it is akin to heresy.

While there are times and places for such a fight against an immoral act such as taxation the people living in places under taxation must recognize that this cannot change overnight. While the push towards a truly voluntary society is preferable, people must make the most of the world they presently reside within. This means pushing representatives on the local and federal level to utilize funds in the most beneficial ways for those that the money was initially confiscated from.

On January 25, 2018, U.S. Senator Rand Paul said the following: 

According to Forbes, the United States grants financial aid to 96% of all countries (184 nations) spending nearly $48.4 billion in 2012 alone. Not to mention the multitude of scandals surrounding U.S. foreign aid including, but not limited to, the theft of malaria drugs, laundering HIV/AIDS funds, monetarily contributing to nations complicit with harboring and supporting terrorists, and many more. Take Pakistan, for example, whose government harbored Osama bin Laden, as an example of the latter point. The nation’s monetary aid from the United States increased from $383 million in 2016 to $742.2 million in 2017 alone. (Take note that this is only the U.S. figures and does not account for funds given by other nations such as the U.K.)

As pointed out in Senator Paul’s tweet, Iran—whose people shouted ‘death to America’ in 2017—received $3.4 million in foreign aid by the U.S. Of that amount, $2.3 million of it went to Iranian infrastructure while $1.1 million went to ‘governance.’ Why is it that the American people are paying Iran to govern and build roads and bridges while infrastructure in the U.S. is estimated to cost $2 trillion over the next ten years. This is not to say that the general government ought to build infrastructure—a notion that James Madison vetoed when presented to him as president, primarily because he did not believe the general government had been enumerated with such powers. Wouldn’t it be preferable for the citizenry to benefit themselves and their community—the victims of taxation—instead of people chanting for their deaths?