What Must Be Done to Grow Liberty and Defeat Leftism in 2018

Support Decentralization and Secession, Always

Perhaps the greatest threat to freedom in the modern world is the massive central governments which the world faces. As time goes on, a one-world government becomes more and more possible within the foreseeable future. This must end. Within the United States, we must support efforts of states to regain their power from the federal government. We must restore the Tenth Amendment and encourage our state legislatures to nullify any measure of federal tyranny.

In addition, we must support initiatives such as Calexit. If leftists are so sick of Trump that they wish to break away from the United States, let them go. It is a good thing to see states urging for secession. The federal government is the greatest enemy the American people will ever know. It is the federal government that has stripped the people of their freedom. In the long run, the federal government must end. Libertarians ought to support any measure that will lead to the decentralization of power within the United States, whether it be restoring the Tenth Amendment, a Convention of States to restrict the federal government, the Kokesh for Not President Campaign (which aims to end the federal government entirely), nullification, or secession.

Win The Culture War

In 2018 liberty fighters must begin to identify cultural identities that benefit and encourage freedom at home and abroad. This includes an emphasis on property rights, Judeo-Christian morality, individualism, capitalism, and responsibility. It can be seen that in all cultures that deviate from these points freedom does not flourish.

In 2018 the liberty movement must push for these points in the schooling system, pop-culture, and other avenues of dissemination. 2018 should be a year where instead of being on the defending side of the left’s attacks against a freedom-based culture, the liberty-fighters of today push back and begin to emphasize the traits necessary for a society based on libertarian tenets. If any change is to happen, the schooling system must be one of the first to be influenced. Organizations such as the Mises Institute and FEE, alongside figures such as Ron Paul and Tom Woods, have created ways for individuals to learn for themselves outside the government-controlled schooling.

These and other avenues of education and pop-culture engagement must be undertaken by liberty advocates. The left has been so successful in their cultural revolutions due to their control of nearly every aspect of contemporary life that the task can seem hopeless. This is where the taken-for-granted narrative given to the people by the left needs to change if anything substantive is to occur.