What Must Be Done to Grow Liberty and Defeat Leftism in 2018

Do Not Worship People

Every political philosophy has its heroes. But no political philosophy, including libertarianism, should have gods. People can make mistakes and can still be for freedom. Justin Amash voted for Obamacare Lite. Rand Paul voted to confirm Jeff Sessions. Ron Paul thought it wise to run for president under the banner of the Libertarian Party back in 1988. All three of these people are fantastic figures who are personal heroes to me and are among the most dedicated freedom fighters you will ever find, but they make mistakes. And it is okay to admit that.

For a libertarian society to ever emerge, we must look to principles and not people. Praise people when they expand freedom. Admonish them when they restrict it. Hold people accountable. Last December, the Republican House, Senate, and president passed massive tax cuts. For that, they deserve our praise. But now, it is time to cut spending. America is 21 trillion dollars in debt. Call your congressmen and urge them to pass a budget that actually cuts spending. If your congressman or senator backs a bill that increases the federal deficit, find a libertarian Republican who can primary that elected official, campaign for him, and kick the RINOs out of office.

Stand With Rand (And Thomas, And Justin)

Rand Paul, Thomas Massie, and Justin Amash are the three biggest federally-elected freedom fighters. All three support personal freedom, small government, non-intervention, low taxes, and less spending. Because of this, these libertarian Republicans face resistance from both the Democrats and the establishment Republicans. These officials need our support. Thomas Massie, for example, is so pro-gun that the NRA doesn’t like him. Major lobbyists do not stand for these freedom fighters. It is up to the grassroots to support them when they are doing the right thing (which is almost all the time) and to keep their eyes on principle.

This applies especially to “Trump Whisperer” Rand Paul. The fact that we have the son of Ron Paul closely guiding the president shows great potential for non-intervention, an end to the surveillance state, lower taxes, and reduced spending. With the Senate having only 51 Republicans, Rand Paul has the very real capacity of killing anti-freedom legislation put forward by the GOP. With this in mind, Senator Paul especially needs our grassroots support.

Elect Libertarians to Office and Campaign for the Expansion of Liberty

Eric Brakey and Austin Petersen are running for US Senate in Missouri and Maine respectively. They are both facing incumbent establishment Democrats. But they can win with our support. There are ways to help candidates get into office no matter where you live. Check out their websites to find ways to get involved with their campaigns. In fact, one can apply to work for the Eric Brakey for US Senate campaign here (yes, this is a PAID position). Once you apply at that link, you will be notified of any future PAID opportunities to promote freedom in America.

This also goes for state and local officials. Find the candidate that supports freedom in your state and local elections and get involved. In state and local elections, you also have more options. The two-party duopoly is finally breaking at the state and local level. There are plenty of solid liberty Republicans for us to support. But where that does not exist, there are solid Libertarian Party Candidates, such as John Eldon Mathey who is running for the Illinois State House under the LP ticket. Political Party is irrelevant at the state and local level. If a candidate supports more freedom than there is in the status quo, support and campaign for them.