Liberty Hangout Managing Editor Receives Death Threats for Criticizing Bernie Sanders

What all can we say about Bernie Sanders’ supporters that would do them justice? First they tried to kill Senator Rand Paul (not once but twice), and now they’ve resorted to threatening the life of Liberty Hangout managing editor TJ Roberts.

Once a communist parasite finds themselves or their dear leaders exposed, they go back to their natural roots…. Barbaric imbecilic violence, screeching, and cryptic verbal attacks.

It was only moments after Liberty Hangout published an article that criticized neo-bolshevik Senator Bernie Sanders, that death threats were received. They included such classics as: “Just remember when youre being marched to the gallows- ‘I TRIED TO WARN YA'”, “The grave allows plenty of time for silence”, and “Yo I hope you choke on your vomit u shill”. In a display of truly communistic time preference, this rainbow coalition of degenerates could not even summon the effort or attention span to use proper grammar when threatening our editor. With such ugly and inept people hurling death threats in such a classy manner, who even needs promoters or advertisers?

If this is the enemy, then it is indeed difficult to find one’s self without the moral high ground. If we are to some extent defined by our enemies, I can hardly think of a better sales pitch, and what could better reaffirm the idea of physically removing democrats and communists than the vile things which spew forth from their own mouths?

Now the question remains, will Senator Sanders disavow? It is important to keep in mind how often we on the right are pressured into disavowing and how often the President himself has been ever since he was merely a candidate. Anytime someone in a white hood or a swastika patch had something nice to say about Donald Trump, it was painted in the media as if it was a picture of who he was. The difference between that and Sanders’ supporters has been one of people with controversial opinions and negative optics, versus actual violent rioters who after their beloved comrade lost, took to the streets to throw tear gas canisters and bricks at anyone who dare support capitalism, Donald Trump, or anyone who says “It’s okay to be white”. That’s the kind of ideology they say is going to destroy the world, don’t you know?

So it is important that we hold the left to their own supposed standards. Do Bernie Sanders and the communist left really want Liberty Hangout staff members to go to the grave, or the gallows, or to choke to death? Well certainly they do. To them, the ideas we advocate for mean death, as there is no room in a meritocratic capitalist system for their asinine egalitarian notions which they pedal endlessly under the guise of love for humanity. To live in a market order for them means that their ideas are exposed as worthless, and they themselves are found to be even more worthless and unable to contribute value. So my question is this…will Sanders and his acolytes disavow?