Jeff Sessions Has No Respect For Property and Sovereignty

This Thursday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced his intentions on repealing an Obama-Era decision to allow states to legalize marijuana without federal interference. Under the new policies set forth by the puritanical tyrant, the DEA and the Justice Department will be able to prosecute people with marijuana in states that have legalized marijuana. According to Sessions, states that have legalized pot have no respect for the rule of law. I suppose he has never read the Tenth Amendment.

The War on Drugs is a Failing War on You (even if you don’t do drugs)

There is nothing noble about throwing people in a cage or extorting them of their property because of decisions they made on their property. But even if it was a noble cause, the drug war is an utter failure. So farthe war on drugs has cost the American tax victim over $1 trillion, that’s more than $3,000 per American. In 2016 alone, there were more than 1.5 million drug arrests. That’s 1.5 million peaceful people minding their own business being imprisoned in the “land of the free.” The cartel is as powerful as ever. The black market thrives in the age of prohibition. I guess Jess Sessions learned absolutely nothing from the 1920s. 

This hasn’t saved lives either. In 2016, more than 60,000 people died of a drug overdose. The opioid epidemic is tearing families apart. And prohibition only fuels this needless suffering. Of course, prohibition increases the risk of selling drugs. It’s only natural that drug dealers will up the potency of their drugs in order to carry more in less space. One ought to read Mark Thornton’s The Economics of Prohibition to see that the war on drugs will only make drugs more dangerous. But of course, Jeff Sessions doesn’t care about that fact. He just wants to feed his special interests and ruin the lives of millions.

The War on Drugs is A War on the Constitution

There are only three crimes the federal government can prosecute: piracy, counterfeit (they should use that the prosecute the Fed), and treason. Everything else is up to the free and independent states. The states have the policing power, not the federal government. Jeff Sessions is attempting to overthrow local sovereignty. Jeff Sessions has no regard for the Constitution. The Department of Justice has no authority to prosecute drug users. The Commerce Clause doesn’t give the federal government the right to regulate a state’s behavior. Jeff Sessions hates the Constitution and the law of the land.

It is the power of the states and not the power of the federal government to determine the laws of that state. This, however, doesn’t stop a tyrant like Sessions. But the states have a mechanism to stop the tyranny of Sessions: Nullification. The Tenth Amendment reads: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” In addition to the Tenth Amendment, The Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions demand that the states nullify federal tyranny. The writers, however, were not crazy anti-federal government nuts. They were Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. If the states want freedom, they must nullify the tyranny of Jeff Sessions.

If nullification fails, then secession must be considered. People like Jeff Sessions don’t speak the language of logic. They speak the language of power. If Jeff Sessions will lose his control of states like Colorado, then he might reconsider his views. Indeed, secession is the best strategy for liberty. If Colorado asserts its independence, then government becomes more local and Jeff Sessions loses power. Since there is no constitutional justification for the drug war, it is the duty of the states to resist this form of tyranny.

The War on Drugs is A War on Property

You own yourself. Because you own yourself, you have the right to own private property. If a drug is your private property, you have the right to do whatever you want with that drug so long as you do not violate the property rights of other people. If you want to smoke a joint in your basement, go ahead. Although I am culturally opposed to drug use, I have no right to stop you from using drugs on your property. That’s just reality. Jeff Sessions does not concern himself with private property, nevertheless. He thinks he owns you. He doesn’t, though.

There is nothing conservative about Jeff Sessions ‘s view on drugs. If anything, Jeff Sessions is a big government hack who will use the federal government to control you. He’s a Stalinist totalitarian who rejects private property. Jeff Sessions is a power-hungry dictator who must be seen as such. No matter what your cultural views are, there is no justification for the State waging a War on Drugs. It’s okay to discourage drug use. I discourage it. Drug use killed my father, for God’s sake. It is not okay, however, to use violence to stop people from doing what they want on their property.