It’s okay to defend yourself from Communists

Image Credits: Scott Mahaskey/POLITICO


To begin this article, I think it’s very important to state that I’m not advocating for violence. In fact, I would go further to say all forms of violence are indefensible. If violence can be avoided, it should be but if it can’t then you should have the right to defend yourself.

It’s no secret to anyone that political violence has become common in the United States. Clashes between the Alt-Right and Antifa have depressingly made headlines many times constantly leaving our nation in shock.  What’s worse is the fact that the left has been trying to legitimize this violence. Keith Ellison, the vice chair of the DNC posted a photo holding “The Anti-Fascist Handbook” to twitter depicting the movement’s flag.

Antifa claims to fight fascism but let’s take a look at what they call fascism. Antifa attempted to shut down a free speech rally in Boston last august where Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai was telling conservatives that Black lives matter.

Antifa violently heckled and assaulted people at a cat cafe in Austin. Antifascist Austin later took to Facebook to defend their actions claiming fascists were defending the cafe. Antifa also assaulted a CBS reporter with a blunt object because he was filming a protest in Virginia.

Antifa is no joke, these guys are very serious about their violent protests and have hospitalized people before. Their loose definition pertains to anyone that they believe stands in their way. Whenever it’s an innocent cafe filled with cats to Conservatives and Libertarians standing up for free speech. We’re all in their sights and its important to acknowledge this.

As Libertarians, we wholeheartedly believe in the non-aggression principle (NAP). The NAP is a cornerstone of Libertarian thought and it states that aggression is inherently wrong. Aggression is defined as either initiating, threatening or forcibly interfering with another individual or another individual’s property.  This absolutely pertains to violent communists who think they have the right to trample on our own.

Antifa and its affiliates make it known they aren’t pacifists. Redneck Revolt, a militant formation that has a working relationship with Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) makes it very clear on their website that they aren’t a pacifist organization.  They even call for a revolution.

Violent communists do not benefit the liberty movement. Liberty does, these people will not stand with Libertarians on many issues we hold dear to ourselves and have already proven to confront us on them. Its truly unfortunate that our political culture has resulted to the glorification of violent mobs but ignoring it won’t help us either.

The best way to deal with a group like Antifa is constant damnation for their actions. Antifa likes to manufacture outrage in order to justify their violence and we must not let them. When Antifa tries to spread its message of hate, its important to correctly inform the people they are trying to delude about their true intentions for “protesting” things like a cat cafe.

Lastly, its important to not let ourselves be intimidated by their tactics. Yes, Antifa is violent but you absolutely have the right to defend yourself, don’t put yourself in a position where Antifa can take away that right. Antifa’s power is their hate and by taking that away from them you could potentially save someone’s life who would be unfortunate enough to cross paths with them.