Curly Haired Ron Paul Threatens to Filibuster the Surveillance State Again

Curly haired Ron Paul is back on the Senate floor and ready to defend our liberties.

According to CNN,

“Sen. Rand Paul said he plans to filibuster the reauthorization of Section 702 of the Federal Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) if necessary, as the House prepares to vote on a six-year extension of the program.

Section 702, which allows the intelligence community to monitor foreign communications, is set to expire January 19. Critics of the program argue that it allows the warrantless collection of US citizens’ private information.”

In 2013, Paul stood in the US Senate for 13 hours, filibustering against the use of domestic drones. Two years later, he stood in the Senate for 11 hours to filibuster against the renewal of the Patriot Act. If Paul filibusters the FISA court, it will be the third time he’ll have filibustered against the surveillance state.

Paul is also joined by his colleagues Thomas Massie and Justin Amash in the fight against the FISA court.

How long do you think Paul will stand on the Senate floor for this time if he filibusters?