BREAKING: Warlords Take Over Due To Government Shutdown

In a stunning turn of events, a libertarian’s worst fear has come true. Warlords have taken advantage of the government shutdown and are taking over. What freedom we gained from this government shutdown is now gone, and we shall surely live under a tyranny. Say goodbye to collecting rainwater and opening lemonade stands without a permit!

These warlords aren’t your everyday politician, they support banning or restricting the most basic liberties of the people. They don’t recognize your right to self-defense. They don’t recognize your right to keep what you own. You can’t teach your children what you want to teach them. Their goal is to initiate an expansionist empire to further grow their power. They seek to monitor every move you make. They control what you put into your own body. Their hired thugs tell you how to run your business and force you to pay tribute for protection. You have no freedom, for they think that they own you.

The warlords, however, will face opposition. Senator Rand Paul and Mike Lee stood strong against the warlords as they determined how to spend the money which they will proceed to extort from us, but their fight was not enough. The fight, however, will continue.  Although the warlords have taken control, we have people on the inside such as Rand Paul and Thomas Massie who will fight against these monsters who will sell our future generations into debt slavery. 

In addition to their beliefs, these thugs-in-suits have decided to call themselves “the United States Federal Government. We never gave these guys permission to rule us, but they don’t care about that. Without alternatives, these warlords have decided to maintain that they have our consent, regardless of how blatantly false that is.

If you thought the government shutdown was bad, get ready. The US House of Representatives and Senate are back and ready to revoke even more of your freedom, but we must fight. God, help us all.