BREAKING: Libertarian Party Vice-Chairman announces LNC will vote to remove him from his position

Image Credits: The Jack news

One of the most controversial figures in the Libertarian Party’s leadership will soon face a vote on whether or not he will be removed from his leadership role. Vice Chairman Arvin Vohra announced today that the Libertarian National Committee will vote to remove him from his role in the party in the coming days.

Vohra is well known in Libertarian circles because of his anti-veteran, anti-military, and questionable stance on pedophilia that he displays openly on social media. He has also been quick to criticize Liberty Hangout and their work while seeming to ignore much of the content in the articles. Vohra is also running for Senate in Maryland.

The Libertarian Party’s 2018 convention is being held from June 30th to July 3rd in New Orleans where delegates will elect party leadership.

Vohra’s full statement:

In a few days, the LNC will be voting to remove me from the LNC, for not being nice enough to those who willingly join the enforcement and propaganda arms of the state, and for not being nice enough while challenging current age of consent laws, which are poorly thought out and incompetently executed (like most government policies.)
While I would prefer that they not do that, there’s a very good chance that they will.
To those who worry about the repercussions on the movement – don’t worry. I, and people like me, will continue to fight for real, unapologetic, liberty. We will continue to fight against government school use and military enlistment. I will keep working to dismantle the state and to end foreign aid so that nations will, in financial need, sell sovereign territory, leading to hundreds of Hong-Kong style micronations.
The LNC can, at most, remove a title. They can’t erase knowledge, or media contacts, or supporters. And most importantly, they cannot erase ideas. The idea that using government schools is nonconsensual theft isn’t going anywhere. The idea that joining the military is either gullible, immoral, or both can’t be erased. The idea that working for the state is participating in theft, that it’s unrespectable garbage, isn’t going anywhere. The idea that sex work is work, and government work is theft, isn’t going anywhere.
If I stay on the LNC, I’m going to keep spreading these ideas. If I am removed, and the removal is upheld, I am going to keep spreading these ideas.

Some have asked if they should stay in the LP if I am removed from the LNC. Yes. I plan to. The Libertarian Party remains the best hope for liberty in America, without exception. No party or other organization can come close.
And be bold. Those who tell you that such and such view will lose supporters, consider this: just by calling yourself Libertarian, you’re going to lose a lot of voters. The fastest way to get voters, without doing the work to convince them of big issues like ending government schools, is to just change your party to D or R.
Our job is harder. It’s supposed to be. Our job is to change hearts and minds (change, not pander to). It’s to create a revolution against government. It’s to discredit, defund, and dismantle government (and cut taxes accordingly).
If you want to watch the LNC meeting on whether or not to remove me, it will be broadcast online.
In Liberty,
Arvin Vohra