Stop Dropping Balls on New Years. It’s Offensive to Trans-Women.

Original image: nycnewyearseve

The following is a satirical article.

As we enter into the year 2018, it is evident that the patriarchy is still running amok in this world. How, you may ask? Because the plight of trans-women still isn’t taken seriously, as the world reigns in the new year by dropping big balls all across the globe.

You see, not all people that identify as males have balls, and we must think of them before selfishly dropping our own just so we can add another digit to our calendars. Instead of dropping male genitalia to celebrate the new year, we should drop our selfish attitudes, and think of the oppressed.

If we want to advance as a society, we must leave behind this blatant sexism in the year 2017.

Feminism will rue the day in 2018.