Libertarians & Conservatives Must Acknowledge There’s a War on Whites

It is also important to note how many stolen taxpayer dollars are spent on immigration policy as it now stands. In 2012, studies showed that about 51% of immigrant-headed households received benefits from at least one welfare program, as opposed to 30% of native households. Immigrants especially receive food benefits and Medicaid far out of proportion to the native population. Welfare usage also varies, based on the particular immigrant group, with 73% of immigrants from Central America and Mexico receiving welfare, 51% of immigrants from the Caribbean, and 48% of immigrants from Africa. Thus they have the highest overall welfare use.

This does not include the wear and tear of public infrastructure, such as roads and parks, and these statistics don’t even begin to account for the costs of illegal immigration. Illegal immigrants cost approximately 135 billion dollars per year, in total money received from the federal, state and local government, whilst putting in only approximately 19 billion dollars in federal, state and local taxes. They are not coming here and living here by their own accord, they are paid to be here.

This is not an act of nature…it is an act of the state. Certainly, the current number of non-white immigrants would not be here otherwise. It is not only immigrant non-whites that the state has paid to live among us and ultimately replace us at our own expense. The same can equally be said of the native “minority” population here in the United States. Approximately 40% of welfare recipients are black, approximately 21% are Hispanic, 18% are Asian or of some Pacific Islander descent, and 17% are white.

Combined with this runaway welfarism, affirmative action, and Equal Employment Opportunity laws have also set non-whites at an unnatural advantage to whites. These laws have given companies diversity-quotas in which they are extremely likely, and in some cases required, to hire less qualified people they might never have before, thus leaving many whites out of positions in the workplace. It has also made it more difficult, if not nearly impossible, to fire someone of a protected minority group in some cases.

These laws effectively outlaw in-group preference in the workplace and make whites work harder than non-whites to receive the same rewards of employment. To think that employment and job security do not impact breeding patterns would be an absurdity.

The legal system also engages in a war against whites as pro-white activists have continued to get jammed up in the legal system. Their only crime? Being an advocate for their own racial group. The case that sticks out in my mind the most is the case of Marcus Faella of the American Front. He was arrested and accused of training a paramilitary group to start a race war. The evidence? Videos of members of the group shooting firearms, and their plans to counter-demonstrate communists during a planned May-Day riot. Although the paid FBI informant testified in court that the accusations were largely false, the jury still ruled guilty.

This is not surprising considering that screening questions to select jurors were: “What are your opinions on guns?” and “Are you an NRA member?” It couldn’t possibly be that they were seeking a jury sympathetic to their political philosophy. A clear message and precedent has been set that if you are a pro-white activist…you’re guilty of whatever you’ve been accused of. A warrant being put out for your arrest based on proven lies doesn’t even help your case.

There are also more subtle ways that an anti-white agenda is pushed. The news and entertainment media constantly push anti-white narratives and slander every and any form of pro-white activism as the second coming of Hitler. The distinction is not made between pro-white activism, white nationalism, and white supremacy. In the eyes of the media, all attempts to speak out against the oppression of white people is Nazism, and they will repeat this trope endlessly to discourage any attempt of people to engage in this activism that they do not approve of. If you dare engage anyway, they will put your face on the news and drag your reputation through the mud. I would not be surprised if they do the same with this article.

Inevitably, all these attempts to run newsreels that make white advocates look like monsters leaves them struggling for employment and opportunities to feed their families. And the media’s claims must not even be proven, as they have become the Orwellian Ministry of Truth. And the media is no private institution anymore. The federal government has a long history of funding news media making the prospect that it is unbiased laughable, and through these subsidies they are able to stand head and shoulders over any would-be competitors.

The entertainment industry also receives tax dollars and countless tax incentives every year, thus making their promotion of anti-white sentiments and backward social degeneracy all the more possible.

And last but not least, we look to the removal of our historical monuments. As many of us speculated, it has not and will not end with Confederate monuments; even statues of George Washington have been removed, and there have been many calls for the removal of Thomas Jefferson and Christopher Columbus monuments among many others. The left’s desire in doing this is not simply avoiding the hurt feelings of minorities; they desire to erase all remembrance of culture and civilization that does not mesh with their social and political beliefs and what they see as “forward thinking”.

These statues to them are a symbol of whiteness in America. What is the significance of this? Many genocides in times past have started with the removal of monuments and the erasing of the nation’s identity, history and culture. Whether this is through the common lies told in history textbooks about the civil war, or the removal of monuments themselves, while it may not be the intent it certainly echoes the beginnings of conquered nations past. Local governments have also spent millions on monument removals.

Furthermore, there are obvious incentives for the left to promote and engage in white genocide. White men to them represent the right-wing of politics. And surely there is some truth to this. Whites are far more likely to vote conservative and nearly 94% of libertarians are white. This is a threat to their beloved system, and the importation and funding of non-whites has been a reliable source of votes to offset this for the left.

This was possibly the biggest impacting factor of the Virginia gubernatorial election, where the counties won by the Democrats candidate had an overwhelming immigrant population. The ideas themselves did not win over the hearts and minds of the people; people that already held the ideas and were in need of the handouts promised were simply brought in.

In conclusion, a war on whites is not a right-wing conspiracy. Though we do not see white men rounded up and tossed into camps and executed, we see that they are slowly, but surely and deliberately, being replaced. If you listen to many leftists themselves, they proclaim this as a great thing. These genocidal demographic changes are not a natural occurrence, and the state has played a massive role in it. Of course, if the state desires to grow bigger and bigger, it is only in its self-interest to pursue such a policy.