Cenk Uygur fired from Justice Democrats PAC for Sexist Comments

“Rule 1: There must be some serious making out by the third date. If I haven’t felt your tits by then, things are not about to last much longer. In fact, if you don’t get back on track by the fourth date, you’re done.”

“Rule 2: There must be orgasm by the fifth date.”

 The above are direct quotes from Cenk Uygur, creator of The Young Turks.  On Friday, the Wrap revealed several questionable blog posts by the leftist commentator and political activist.  

 In a blog post from 2000, Uygur stated, “It seems like there is a sea of tits here, and I am drinking in tiny droplets.” “I want to dive into the whole god damn ocean,” he wrote. “Obviously, the genes of women are flawed. They are poorly designed creatures who do not want to have sex nearly as often as needed for the human race to get along peaceably and fruitfully.”

On Saturday, the Justice Democrats PAC demanded Uygur’s resignation, claiming that they were “deeply disturbed” by his “horrifying” statements. Uygur was an essential founding member of Justice Democrats PAC after Donald Trump was elected president last year.  

Uygur has acknowledged and apologized for the blog posts but has taken little to no responsibility for his statements. Instead, he has chosen to blame the statements on his “conservative” views at the time. Imagine my shock at a liberal not taking responsibility for his mistakes.