Black Teen Who Tortured Handicapped White Man Gets Slap on the Wrist

Brittany Covington, one of the four young adults arrested for the kidnapping and beating of a mentally handicapped white man, essentially walks free, since her arrest in January. Brittany is the first of the four arrested to be sentenced in a court of law, the other three are remaining in custody awaiting trial.

Cook County Circuit Judge William Hooks called the incident “horrific,” and ordered that Covington be banned from using social media for over four years, and prohibited her from contact with two of her co-defendants and has ordered her to do 200 hours of community service.

Judge Hooks told Covington that he could have imposed a prison sentence but added, “I’m not sure if I did that you’d be coming out any better.”

While the Judge has a perspective which is encouraged when dealing with teens or young adults in the justice system, this is not a sordid case that can be treated so flippantly. Brittany and those in custody committed a terrible and violent crime and should do the expected time. Judge Hooks said he hoped the strict terms of probation would put Covington on a more productive life path, but he warned she would face prison time if she violated any of the restrictions.

Judge Hooks then told Covington that if she “messed this up,” she would face the accrued prison time. 19-year-old Covington pleaded guilty to aggravated battery and intimidation charges. As part of a plea deal, prosecutors dropped additional charges, including kidnapping. Imagine the sentence a white would receive if they did this to a black! Anything short of the death penalty would cause riots.

Why is this crime of all crimes being dealt with in such a “rehabilitative” way? The Judge seems to lay it on, tough love style to Covington, but justice is not being served. These teens knew what they were doing and they did it out of white hatred and other racial motivations, taking out their anger and perceived issues upon someone they recognized as the collective that they think ‘keeps them down’. I wonder if all the defendants will get such a simple treatment. Some will say it’s enough to turn someone around and perhaps, being in custody for a year and then having to do community service, but rightly so are those who look around and see no justice for the average American White.

Leniency in this case and other cases like the late Kathryn Steinle murder shows that there is no true justice for crimes committed against those that Democrats and leftists don’t care about, clown shows for courtrooms that let “marginalized” criminals yet again, walk the streets. I’m sure you can guess who benefits and who does not.