Ben Sasse Flames Cucked Senator Jeff Flake for Donating to Democrat

The controversy surrounding the allegations against Judge Roy Moore have brought out an interesting side in Washington. It has tested both their principles and their allegiance to their voters.

The Washington establishment has already concluded that Roy Moore is guilty of the accusations made against him, despite zero evidence being put forth. Establishment Republicans have tried for months now to oust Moore from the race, and some have even gone so far as to support Moore’s abortion loving opponent.

Among these is Arizona Senator Jeff Flake, who donated $100 to Moore’s Democratic opponent, Doug Jones.


But at least one of Flake’s Republican colleagues in the Senate was utterly appalled. Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse took to Twitter to point out that there is no principle in abandoning Moore if you choose to throw your weight behind someone that supports abortion, reminding his followers that it’s possible to be against both abortion and child molestation without feeling it necessary to choose one over the other.


Flake has not posted any new tweets since sharing a photo of his check hours ago.