Sexual Predator Refuses to Resign from US Senate

After it became public that Democratic Senator Al Franken groped and kissed actress Leeann Tweeden, Senator Franken has admitted to the sexual assault but has refused to step down from office, nonetheless. In a recent interview with his hometown’s local newspaper, one of Franken’s spokesmen admitted that Franken has no intentions to leave the Senate. Rather, Franken is going to enjoy Thanksgiving with his family in Washington at the expense of the tax dollar, paying no mind to the thoughts and feelings of the woman he sexually assaulted while she slept.

Despite calls to resign from even Franken’s most ardent supporters, the Left still supports him. So-called feminists have written full articles about how Franken must not resign lest the evil Republicans legalize the rape that Franken committed. Yes. Al Franken is a rapist. If rape is sexual contact without consent, by no means is he not a rapist. Al Franken raped a woman as she slept, and there is photographic evidence of said rape. But hey, he’s a star, she would’ve let him do it, right? It’s not like Al Franken berated Trump over merely talking about what Franken actually did, oh wait… There’s this:

One has to wonder how stupid the Left thinks the American people are. They will berate people who merely tell jokes, effectively ruining their professional careers. But they will defend an actual rapist with their last breath. One shouldn’t be surprised though, this is exactly what happened as more and more women came forward with proof that Bill Clinton raped them.

I would be remiss to not point out the hypocrisy of a very special senator: Mitch McConnell. When the accusations against Roy Moore came out, McConnell called upon Moore to immediately drop out of the race, whether or not he is guilty. Was that his reaction to the photograph showing AL Franken raping a woman? Nah. He just said there should be an Ethics Committee investigation, and he reclined into his turtle shell from there.

I have never believed in rape culture. I have seen what feminists say and I tend to have to contain my laughter. When a feminist claimed that people normalize and condone sexual assault, I used to laugh out loud whereas such crimes aren’t even tolerated in prisons. If you go to prison and your fellow inmates find out you’re a rapist, they will rightfully make your life as miserable as they can.

But now I see that there is, in fact, rape culture. Rape culture does exist, but not where third wave feminists insist it does. Rather, rape culture exists in the Left. Leftists not only condone rape when a Democrat does it, often times, they are rapists. Take the example of Bill Clinton, Harvey Weinstein, Ted Kennedy, Mel Reynolds, Brock Adams, and effectively all of Hollywood. These people are the true sexual predators, and they will stand by these creeps.

When will the Democrats reject their rape culture?